Keeping it under Wraps - A Photoshoot

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello everyone! Its the weekend and everything went pass in a zoom in the past few days, I couldn't almost catch my breath! Had such a fun photoshoot yesterday with my girlies for new exciting re-launch of a familiar website! Cant't wait to share it with everyone soon xo
Behind the Scenes
My crazy dear Maybeline! 
Damn siao one the two of us. Noisy like dunno what.
Her photo shoot behind-the-scenes
We had a natural look first in white and light makeup 
Pose pose poseee
While we had some time in between and we posed for OURSELVES!
Having fun!
Maybeline pose until so cute - I pose ish act cute #failmax
I ask her to do her signature pose hahahahha
Hello sir!
This is Maybel's dressy look
She's in a cute LBD and sparkly flats
Now its my turn!
I chose one of my favorite dresses - a light pink and black ruffled dress with my Loubies
We were given instructions on specific poses and it was so funny!
My hand super always CRAMP
Wind in my face look
p.s My dress looks shapeless so we KIAMP a clothes peg behind so I have some waist to show! LOLOLOL
But we were done quickly and its a WRAP for me as I rushed to my lunch appointment right after!
Thanks for the hard work (and bearing with our nonsense!)
Thank you dearest Maybeline and darling Himeko for helping me take pictures too!
Sorry I can't stay while u guys shoot, Aki & Himeko! But im sure it was great too! xo
Thanks Baby Elf for the opportunity and I cant wait to announce it soon here!
Here's a group shot with the most lovely girls at the photo shoot! 
Everyone is so nice and we have fun laughing early in the morning! Love u all and pictures soon when its all ready to show! 
Thank you for dropping by and sending my love to everyone!
Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Heyo Elaine, May I know where is the dress from? V pretty!


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