Ma Maison Lunchie with Lesbo and Kitty Ann

Monday, July 01, 2013

[Overdue post]
I was going through my picture folder and realized that I have missed out blogging on my lunch date with my Lesbo and Kitty Ann at Ma Maison afew weeks ago!
Ma Maison means “my home" in French. Promising to be more than a restaurant, it is the place where diners can enjoy original home recipes featuring Japanese-Western fusion dishes in a homely ambiance.
I love going to the Bugis branch from time to time. I find the food prices there pretty reasonable and the restaurant has an old English Japanese charm to it. 
The set lunches are also quite appetizing and it usually comes with a small side salad and soup of the day. I am often extremely tempted to order everything when I'm there! 
My dear Kitty Ann! 
Lesbo was slightly late coz she was 'baking mama' at home doing her rainbow cake hahaha so we went ahead to order some food first 
Yumssssss soba salad......
My main
The service there is quite prompt and our dishes arrive in good time while we chat away
Yayyyy Lesbo is here!
Missing my Kitty girls already! 
Can't wait to see them at our Secret Garden Hi-tea theme meet up next week! 
Hope you have a lovelyyyy week ahead!
Gonna continue on some new post and tonight's D&S's wedding dinner! 
Happy for the cute couple and can't wait to wear my new dress too~ teehehehe!

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