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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

[Sponsored Hair Review] Hi guys! 
Sorry for being away but it was a hectic past few days! Phew.. finally I have some time to myself! Lighted my scented candle and looking at my pictures from my previous hair experience with Essensuals Bugis. Wanted to post this later in the week but there's a new promotion starting from tomorrow so I really can't wait to share it with everyone! Stay on til the end, ya! 
Zhng my hair day
Here's my current to-go look when I dun do anything to my hair! 
Use hat and cover! Hahahha!
My super camera-shy stylist Isabel explaining to me about my horrid dry ends
My previous hair color has faded to a light reddish tone and I wanted to change the color a little.
Range of Manic Panic colors that Essensuals Bugis carries!
Lets touch up my roots first!
Plonked myself down comfortably on the chair and removed all my barang!
Hat, scarf .. sunglasses.. I have ALOT of stuff!
The kind staff will always hand me an ipad and some magazines! There's free WIFI at the salon and the speed's fast so I usually catch up on some youtube shows while I'm doing my hair!
Here we goooooo~!!
Touching up my roots to match the rest of my new hair color
 Purple purple purple pleaseeeeeee!
Isabel taking segments of my hair to dye them purple
After which she colors the rest of my hair ...
Now lets 'bake' my hair under heat!
Actually heat applied to hair during dye will accelerate the coloring process and this will normally take a couple of minutes before letting the hair 'cool' down before rinsing it all off.
Now we can rinse off the dye!
Almost .. almost!
Last step of my hair process : Japanese Hair Spa!
To retain and replenish moisture
And here ish me... still watching youtube!
Rinsing my hair with cold water 
The staff is always ever so kind to cover me with a blanket first!
My turban nice???
After dying my hair .. Isabel blows and proceeds to trim my hair
One of the reasons that I truly love my stylist Isabel is becoz she cuts my fringe REALLY WELL! Ok this I have to tell you from experience .. NOT EVERY stylist cuts fringe properly one. I have been through horrid.. and I mean really horrible fringe cuts and its such a nightmare becoz its the very first thing that people SEE. I dun even mind if my hair length is all loopy or uneven, but my fringe? CANNOT. Must be straight and neat and not frizzy. I am very anal about my fringe so I am eternally grateful to Essensuals Bugis becoz my stylist there cuts a perfect fringe - everytime. #really
Trimming the rest of my hair!
And now blowing curls! 
Final results ..
Perfect Unicorn Hair
Back view
Side view
Hello purple purple!
Thank you so much Essensuals Bugis! 
Here's me smiling like nobody business under the sun! Look at the purple tone! I love love love! Never have been a fan of the color but now I've grown to really love it! xoxoxo
Back home 
Love my hair!
And 2 weeks later! 
Thank you everyone for dropping by!
Once again, thank you all for looking! 
Its been so fun taking pictures of my hair process and personally its been a rolling good time changing my hair color! I mean, pictures do tell a story right? Now I look back at my blog entries and it has been nothing but exhilarating! Thank you Essensuals Bugis for the lovely hair color and actually it has been pretty much of an attention-grubber from friends and strangers alike! Haha! I've never thought that I would have pink or purple hair .. but you have done it so effortlessly for me that I'm proud to proclaim that I'm such a unicorn-wannabe! Hahaha! 
* Sprinkling unicorn dust *

New Hair Promotion from 9-16th July
Bring along your friend and both will receive 40% off on all hair services.
*Applies to stylist level only.
*Promo runs from 9th to 16th July 2013.
*Not valid with any other promotions and offer. T&C applies.
Call 63330039 for appointment
Essensuals Bugis is at 214A Victoria Street, Bugis Village.
Essensuals Bugis Instagram @essensualsbugis

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