Hai Di Lao & Magnum Pleasure Store Experience

Monday, August 19, 2013

[Fun Times] Hi guys! 
This is (finally) the last of our food marathon from our National day weekend holiday! It was a crazily amazing how we could eat eat eat and its no wonder why I have to detox now. 
Well, kind of
Hahahha. Now I feel abit sorry for my piece of Brie for dessert last night after looking at all my food pictures! Guiltyyyyy.
Clarke Quay
Outfit Of The Day : Light Denim Long Shirt, Bangkok. Black Tights, Forever21. 
We had 5.30pm dinner reservations for Hai Di Lao, a hotpot place that is increasingly popular these days! Its a big group with children and a heavily pregnant mummy .. so we have to book a private room! But we also prefer it this way, less noise and more fun.
Food quality at Hai Di Lao has always been consistently good and so is their efficient service. Sometimes we end up waiting pretty long for some of our orders due to the crowd, but the staff is usually very attentive and apologetic for any delays so perhaps that's why we always come back here from time to time. Read previous review herehttp://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/04/dinner-at-hai-di-lao.html
The Mala soup, Chicken soup and Tomato soup base has always been a crowd favorite so do try it if u drop by! Whatever you do, do not try the Laksa soup ~ haha! (I'll recommend another place that does the Laksa hotpot soon keke.) Reservations at Hai Di Lao highly recommended, expect to wait for about half an hour to an hour for walk-ins.
Right after dinner .......
My eyes lit up when I saw the Magnum Pleasure pop-up store in Clarke Quay!
Indulge with the tempting Magnum range – combining thick, cracking chocolate and smooth delicious ice cream made with the finest ingredients. Magnum offers a wide range of choices that includes the original, pinnacle of pleasure Magnum Classic as well as the sweet, creamy Magnum White, chunky Almond, cool Mint, Double Caramel, the ultimate pleasure Magnum Temptation and many others. For a mini moment of indulgence our Magnum Mini range is just perfect for an after-dinner me-time treat. The pleasure is yours for the taking.
We got to design our own Magnum by choosing up to 3 toppings!
Here's my creation half way done!
Excited, much!
Hahahaha before I eat, I must take picture first! #sosingaporean
Wanna see how my Magnum turned out?
I chose macadamia nuts, gold nuggets n a sprinkle of coffee powder for my toppings! The Vanilla Magnum was dipped in Dark Chocolate and drizzled with some Milk Chocolate to finish the design! Each Magnum costs $7 and the Magnum Pleasure store will be at Clarke Quay until the 26th of August. I went out right after this experience and got the new Magnum Black Espresso and its so delicious! Not sweet at all with the dark chocolate coating, and it has a hint of coffee - just the way I like it!
That picture right about sums up my weekend!
Thanks for looking everyone! xoxoxoxo
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  1. Hi elaine, i read from ya instagram that the yoga plc u frequent sells an exclusive yogawear brand - kala. I like this top you're wearing. are they still selling or bringing it back? any idea? thanks


  2. Hello dear guest!
    Yes yes u are right, only my yoga studio sells Kala and I've asked about the yoga top and unfortunately they dun have any tops at the moment (only the newest yoga pants from one of my latest ig pic)
    R u interested in Onzie yoga tops? I might be able to get some at a cheaper rate!
    (might be odd sizes but im not sure yet,) Leave me an email if u are keen, dear! thks!

  3. Thanks for the recommending but I really love the back design of that kala top. Hope they'll bring in again.

    - guest

  4. Hi Guest!
    Yes lor I also really like that particular back design. No worries, will let u know if they ever bring it back in k! hugs!


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