How to Re-size Huge Blogs on your Handphone

Saturday, August 17, 2013

[Solution] So recently I realized that a lot of my favorite blogs look weirdly HUGE on my mobile screen and its so bloody irritating. I'm not a technical person and everything on my page as been painstakingly done through trial and error but this one is really getting on my nerves. Have it happened to you?
I found a way to 'solve' this issue but its not permanent and you have to do it every time you open a new page. But do take a quick look and if you have a much better solution to it, (Or know someone that might know!) - please email or leave a comment for me! Thank youu.
Currently I'm using the Apple's Iphone 5 but instead of Safari, I use Google Chrome.
Google Chrome App (Its free on App store)
I've activated my blog's Mobile Template for hand phone browsing so you will see this if you go to my blog on your phone.
Mobile Site
If you're fine with browsing the blog on the mobile template, please go ahead by all means. Sometimes I prefer to use the Web Version and this is what I do. 
Go to "View Web Version" 
(Usually at the bottom of each blog's mobile template)
This is the PROBLEM that has been bugging me (and some blogs that I read on a daily basis!)
And cannot re-size one! 
In your Google Chrome page, go to the TOP RIGHT Corner 
Scroll down and you will see Request Desktop Site 
Simply tap on that and you will be directed to .......
This is how the page would be displayed on Desktops, like the PCs and laptops. 
You can use this on any site that activates their Mobile Theme. However, this works as long as you don't close the page, and if you do - you have to go through these steps again to activate the Desktop Site version. Do let me know if it works for you!
Thanks for looking! 
p.s If you have the solution, please leave a comment or tag to share it with me!
Have a great weekend, guys!
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