Kitty Ann's Birthday Dinner at Kinki

Monday, August 26, 2013

[Birthday Celebrations + Food] Hi guys! So sorry to be away over the weekend, was so hungover after the party on Friday - all I wanted to do was sleep! BAHAHAHHA. Then we were so busy eating and eating on Sunday after church, we even went for brunch, coffee and dessert! At THREE different locations, somemore! #Fatdieme
Dunno why all my friends every day come and tell us all the good food in Singapore like nothing better to do we every day keep stuffing our face non-stop. Keke.
Last week I had a really fun day out with my Lesbo Dii doing nails at Milly's at Far East Plaza before heading to do a bit of shopping in Orchard and then going to Kinki at Customs House for our planned birthday dinner celebrations for Kitty Ann!
I've been to Kinki once for LINE's Media event but it was my first time for dinner and drinks!
Upon walking in, you immediately get the cool vibes of a hip atmosphere with the thumping music, friendly wait staff and the visible DJ console right at the corner of the dining area.
The menu is done up in such a cute Japanese anime style too!
My pwretty Lesbo Dii and me!
We had an excellent view of MBS right from our corner sofa seats and it was so pretty!
Happy hour happening below
And of coz we couldn't miss out on BUBBLY too!
We had the Bellini for starts but we ordered our main course right away!
Yes .... MOET is the most main important course! 
Keeping it nice and chilled for the birthday girl, along with her pressies!
Cheers to a great dinner!
See my dunno-what face
Our Lychee Bellini was yums!
My beauty!
We are KINKI!
Finally .......
Our Birthday girl Kitty Ann is here!!!!!!
Lets POP some bubbly!!!!!!!
Hope u love our pressies!
We (Okies.. I) forced Kitty to open the bottle! Much to our amusement, the staff they was horrified when we said we wanted to pop the Moet! LOLOLOL they literally stood at our table and kept reminding us 'not to shake the bottle' ~ ahhaha! 
Kitty is professional, dun worry!
Our favorite drink!
As we waited for our food to arrive, we decided to open the presents!
"Time to drink champagne!" 
See... matching!
Finally .......
This below is DA BOMB! Century egg on soft tofu ~ think we ordered two!
Teriyaki salmon
Shortly after dinner ...
Thanks to the initiative staff at Kinki, they surprised the birthday girl with a lovely ice-cream dessert!
We love u KITTY ANN and hope u enjoyed your dinner!
Kisses and kitties! xoxoxoxo
I had a smashing time and I have to say that the fun, bubbly service staff at Kinki made our night extremely enjoyable. The food was pleasant, but not memorable. I like the century egg tofu and chawanmushi and I found the sushi good, although they are a little on the pricey side. I love the trendy appearance of this place and although it can get some what noisy during dinner, its a perfect meet-up place for drinks and conversations with girl friends and fun group outings, though! Great also for a fun, casual date with your other half and I'll definitely make an effort to go for drinks at the open bar on the top floor the next time I pop by! 
Special Thanks to Milly's for my latest Leopard Print Gelish nails, too! 
These are Gelish polish hand-painted on my natural nails and can last easily for 4-6 weeks on me. My manicurist in Far East Plaza branch is Gina, and in the Bugis branch, - its Corine if you wanna know! :)
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a great start of the week girlies!
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Leaving you with a picture of us : Past and Present! 
Outfit of the Day :
We had a 'Bandage Dress' theme for the dinner party!
And we wore and brought almost IDENTICAL stuff! 
Shoes, bracelets and even our handbags MATCHED!
Someone say TRIPLETS???
My nails matched my dress for the evening too! I love matchy-matchy!
Bye bye loves! Cya soon ~ tags to be replied.
p.s my smart hubby go and buy supper aiyooo make me eat again. *sweat*

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  1. Love your dress! Where is it from pretty please!

  2. Hi dear Anon!
    Email me at k! I tell u where :) All our 3 dresses are from the same shop kekeke. Show our pic the lady boss will give u discount somemore kekeke!


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