Methode SWISS Thermal White Overnight Intensive Repair Mask Review

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

[Sponsored Review + Pics] What a mouthful of a name for a mask! 
Hi guys, its really quite late right now and I have been working on the pictures the whole day (But got watch TV/eat/instagram/facebook ..what-not in between la I admit) and Im actually quite excited to do this review coz I've been LOVING this mask! So without further ado, lets take a quick look at the Methode SWISS Thermal White Overnight Intensive Repair Mask that Sasa sent me a couple of weeks ago. 
Touted to be spokesperson Kate Tsui's favorite product - The Methode SWISS Thermal White Overnight Intensive Repair Mask promises to deeply hydrate and brighten your skin while you are sleeping.
 Advanced formula combines natural Switzerland Spring Water and exclusive Advanced Whitening Detox Complex nourishes, soothes, moisturizes and eliminates toxins for porcelain skin. it delivers refreshed complexion the next morning and recharges your skin with radiance and even tone. 
Look how pretty it is! 
The blue packaging is soothing to the eyes and conveniently comes with a pump.
The velvety smooth texture is nourishing but never sticky, quickly absorbed by skin. Sophisticated whitening formula includes natural Switzerland Spring Water, exclusive Advanced Whitening Detox Complex, RadiaGlow, Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae and Vitamins.
First Impressions : I love the feel and look of the packaging and tube. The Methode SWISS Thermal White Overnight Intensive Repair Mask package felt almost luxurious to the touch and the handy tube eases application and delivers a good amount of product with each pump. The cream is a little runny but it does not drip and absorbs rather quickly into skin, while it turns from creamy white to a slightly translucent film after application.
I pumped once here on the back of my hand to show you the texture of the Mask 
It spreads easily 
Using it on my face
I applied a thin layer, avoiding my eye contours. 
As advised in the instructions, you can choose to use the mask on your neck too, but I skipped it this time round.
After :
Overall Review : I really LIKED this product! Admittedly it was slightly inconvenient to sleep with it as the mask felt somewhat sticky and I was pretty unsure if I should sleep with it! Although it doesn't stain pillow cases (it rubs off clear), I couldn't deal with hair sticking on my face due to the mask , thus I only use it during the day and wash it off after around an hour or two hours - maximum. But I could see results after each application and that was motivation enough to use this again and again! I actually bought it along with me to Bangkok and had a great time using it, especially after a day out in the sun. It brightened my skin complexion and did not feel dry after, as with some whitening products in the market. The price point might be a deal-breaker for some, (it retails for S$76, 100ml) but I use it 2x a week and I reckon it would last me at least 6 months with frequent use so that isn't so bad after all lol. If whitening is your main concern, you might really want to give this a try. Points for hydration too, coz my skin does feel baby soft after rinsing off the mask. 
Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Take care!
Oh gosh.. really long day for me tomorrow so hopefully I'll find some time to be back soon! Looking forward to the long weekend and I think everyone's gonna have a great time coz work week super short with all the celebrations going on! Wishing all my muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya too! Party on, everyone!
p.s Cant wait to catch NDP!
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The Méthode SWISS Thermal White OVERNIGHT INTENSIVE REPAIR MASK retails for $76 in all Sasa stores.
For more information, please head to :
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