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Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Backdated Nail Post] Right after I had my hair dyed purple .. I REALLY wanted to change my nails to match the crazy hair! And there's nothing better to match purple hair with ...
Yes .. you might have guessed it from the title of this post anyways 
My Little Pony!
I mean .. can u check out how PURPLE they are???
Twinkle Sparkle personifies purple!
Therefore, a visit to Milly's is totally rational and necessary.
Even though my Hello Kitty Nails is still looking great ... #guiltyface
I love love love my Hello Kitty, there is nothing more than loving Hello Kitty (Check out fellow kitty-lover Nadnut's Kitty Nails at the same time coz we both love Kitty) - but, but, but .. er, they're pink. And pink doesn't go well with purple as much as purple does. *flicks hair*
So hellooooooo new nails!
My friendly manicurist Corine files off my previous Gelish nails (Bye bye kitty!)
While I pick from all the different shades of purple for my toey-toes
Insert random picture depicting my purple hair 
Purple gradient pedicure!
Back to my manicure
My jigsaw nails
Insert any random picture of me doing my nails 
My manicurist patiently hand paints all the colors for the background 
Overlaying with an acrylic 3D heart
Topped with some silver beads for the oomph factor ... 
And lastly ....
My Little Pony Nails!
Rainbows, hearts and ponies!
I really love this set of nails. I had so, so many friends (and their little daughters!) come up to me and touch my fingers, asking if they were stickers but nooooo~ these are totally and painstakingly, lovingly hand painted by Millys Nails! 
For more information, please head to :
Milly's Website :
Thanks for looking! xo
I miss my purple hair.
And my Pony nails!
Then to match those nails and hair .. my lesbo gave me a Unicorn clutch and Ladurée macarons! Those were the first time I tried the Rose Petals one and have never looked back since.
Hope u enjoyed the pictures! 
Take care everyone and have a great start to the weekend! 
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Outfit of the Day :
p.s I love my Bugis Village's "I Don't PLAY" trucker cap!
 Cracks me up everytime!
Bye everyone! Back soon! xo

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