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Monday, August 05, 2013

Hi guys! So I was away in Rompin, Malaysia for a quick weekend fishing trip hence this post is slightly 'delayed' - and by delayed I mean these are pictures from last week so its still not so bad eh! Been making some progress here by trying my darnest not to procrastinate with my posts so here you go! My (last) week in pics!
Last Thursday was a whirlwind of events and meetings for me!
I was at Halia in the lovely Raffles Hotel for a quick meeting (and some filming!) with the rest of my Purer Skin girls!
It was my first time to Halia and I love how airy the place feels.
So pretty!
The design of Halia actually complements the colonial feel of Raffles Hotel.
My lovely fellow Purer Skin ambassador and friend, Fidelis!
Our tea set
Scones glorious scones
And the rest of my lovelies arrived soon after! ( L-R) Here's HayleyClara, Fidelis and I
It was a cosy meet-up with ever affable peeps behind Purer Skin and we had a deeper understanding of the brand that we will be endorsing for the months to follow.
Check out my glutton face below #foreverhungry
We also did a small Q&A filming session which I can't wait to show you guys once its ready!
And while Haley was filming ...
... we do what we do best ... Take pictureeeeeee!
We each have a favorite product from the range and in the shots, we will be explaining why we chose the item!
See my action pack face
Can u guess what's mine? :)
After filming wrapped up, we got hungry again and we ate more! Hahah!
Clara's roast chicken dish was delicious! I didn't manage to snap any pics of Fidelis's chili crab pasta but its da bomb! I'll go back for it when I have the chance!
Love this pic! 
My first time wearing a mint dress and I bought the outfit from Bangkok for this shoot! Should really think about adding more colors to my style.. everyday Im either in black or white zzzzzzzzz
Right after Halia, I met my other girlfriends for a quick makeup session at Ellis Faas
At Sccube, The Apothecary with sweeties (L-R) Jacelyn ,VerlynSheilla!
Some of the items from the Ellis Faas range
The therapist removed my eye makeup 
So I could try to re-create this look!
Smoky eye, anyone?
This is Maybeline's hand and her colorful swatches lol
Trying to blend the cream eyeshadow!
My final look - a little darker than my usual colors and I had difficulty blending the cream once it had dried! But I tried my best!
Best part of the day was talking to my girlfriends! (L-R) Maybeline and Joyce!
Love this pic! We all look so LOVE one! xoxoxox!!! (Yj we need to photoshop u in tyvm)
My fellow Watson's ambassador Chantana and this Jones who is like super TALL la! We were laughing like siao coz hor Maybel who was helping us take picture say Jones bend down to accommodate my height also still taller than me. FML.
Final picture with the rest of the girls!
Right after Ellis Faas, we headed to Nespresso's newest boutique at Takashimaya!
Yes .. busy day for me!
We took a look at the all-new revamped Nespresso and tried some (decaf) coffee!
My iced Tiramisu coffee with real chocolate bits below!
Coffee and company!
We went for a late dinner after Nespresso and had a fun time talking nonsense before heading home! What a great girly day for me and leaving u with a picture with my favorite girls! xo
Thanks for dropping by and I'll be posting some (blacklog) reviews soon! Le hubby is out of town on a business trip and my fishing pictures are with him so I'll probably post them when he's back! In the meantime, I'll be working on the other entries and hopefully one on my new hair color! Waittt.. did u even realize my hair color change liao! Hahahaha! Okies nehhh mind (Really got change). 
Off to dinner and happy Monday everyoneeee!
Will reply tags and emails soon! 
Take care! xo

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