Our Rompin Fishing Weekend

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry for being away for so long .. ahem.. over the wonderful weekend I mean. Its been such a long time since there was two public holidays back to back and it was FANTASTIC! We went out for champagne brunch with friends , eating non-stop, so there was a lot yummy food and a lot of laughter. More pictures coming up soon! But first .......
How about a video from my recent fishing trip from the week before!

The last time we went to Rompin. Malaysia was in March here! : http://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/03/a-fishing-weekend-in-rompin.html
And this recent trip was quite awesome too! Admittedly we didnt have so much fun coz I dunno why the fishes in Rompin wasn't biting at all! So we ended up catching some small fishes and squid mostly. But then again .. 
We didnt get alot of pictures but here's afew of what we have!
Caught a glimpse of the lovely sunrise in Rompin before having a quick breakfast. I dun normally take a full breakfast in fear of feeling queasy during the boat ride. If u are prone to seasick, remember not to take a heavy meal or anything oily before you board the boat. I find that this helps the most. Seasickness pills have to be taken BEFORE you go on board and might cause drowsiness during your journey. Its normal to feel sleepy. And if you wait til you feel nauseous .. its no use taking the pills already! So dun bother lol. Also remember to look far ahead (into the distance or just dun keep looking down) when you're at sea and try not to read anything like books or magazines! You're at sea, enjoy the view!
Took this picture from my Instagram! (@sugar73) #inversionjunkie
Started catching some squid!
It was moving and wriggling all over!
I super scare the ink laaaa later squirt on me sian.
Here's me fishing!
And yes! 
I managed to catch a small fish all by myself! #missionaccomplished 
When night falls .........
Freshest seafood dinner with some of the fishes that we caught! (Not shown)
And the next day .. 
Rompin has the most lovely orange sunrise :D
Thanks for looking peeps! Been spending some time reading some books that I recently borrowed, and I have a 'stash' of magazines in my Ipad that I have no time to read! Personally I have been subscribing a lot of foreign magazines on my Ipad and its really soooo convenient. All I need to do is have wifi and download the magazine issue with a touch, and its in my library - all ready for me to read! I dun need to bring a load of weight when I travel and now I dun need to even deal with trying to give old magazines or trying to sell it to karang guni (FYI, the karang guni man has absolutely zero interest in glossy magazines. They only want newspapers!) But most importantly I save so much on the subscriptions. Yoga magazines are awfully expensive in print, but going online only cost a fraction of the price! Super save paper somemore. By the way,  I read Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine and Om Yoga (for yoga) , Marie Claire and Allure from US (for fashion and beauty-related stuff). They are my favorite magazines! :)
Anyways its getting really late so I'll catch u again!
Bye and good night! 
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