The Last of My BFF Bangkok Trip *Part 3*

Friday, August 02, 2013

Hello everyone! This will be the last and final post on my BFF Bangkok Trip and do take a look at Part 1(Here) or Part 2 (Here) if you ever! So we were there for our annual girly trip to shopping heaven aka Bangkok and we like going for 4D3N trips coz its not too long or short. Enough to cover the city at a leisurely pace, and not so long that we start to grow mold there. Hahahhahha.
Anyways another breakfast buffet on the 3rd day of Bangkok!
Everyday we just whack the fried rice like nobody business
Back to the room 
And I FORCE my bff to do braids for me coz I have octopus hands and I can't braid my hair to save my life. #SpendingVainGirlyTime
Dunno what slope braid style is this
Now I is can feel cool in the hot Bangkok weather!
Heading oooout!
Taking the BTS
We were heading to Terminal21 the shopping mall coz this suaka (below) never go before
BTS si crowded de lor.
Alot of people!
Dunno what face but yeah.
Here we are!
BFF's "Im-sibeh-suaku-never-come-before-look"
Terminal 21 is a shopping complex on Sukhumvit Road, near Asoke ntersection, at Bangkok, Thailand. It opened in October 2011. It has two parts of the complex; The retail complex has a total of 9 stories.
There are several levels of shopping here 
Lai liao lai liao .. 
I've been here so many times coz I stayed at the hotel next door and actually the picture in my blog header (above) was taken here! It was from my previous trip to Bangkok with the hubby! 
Saw my friend the sumo wrestlers so had to molest them a little. 
Ask BFF to do the same pose, she refuse. 
Then proceed to act cute with the cat below. I think she spend too much time with me coz also starting to act cute like me.
The shopping at Terminal21 is relatively expensive .. so we just window-shopped mostly.
Trying on kid's size shoes! #truestory
But in the end ... guess where we ended up at????
Har nor har nor~ Platinum Mall again!
I seriously dunno what sorcery is in this Platinum ... coz 5 mins into the mall and we straightaway buy thing already. 
Happy is us!
Buy buy buy
BFF #forever cannot find shoes for her 3 and a 1/2 size feet. My size 5 half feet look giant next to hers! Boooo.
Tired is me. Leg breaking.
Pink shades?
We ended up at the food court again ahahahhahah!
Char siew roasted pork rice!
Basil chicken with fried egg. Damn spicy and shiok. Next time u go try.
Still got space for tang yuan!
We went back to put our stuff and Lover Pearly came to look for us!
We went to CHINATOWN for dinner!
Three hungry girls on the prowl for sharksfin!
We decided against eating at the roadside coz the super ma fan BFF has a lousy weak tummy if not later she sure LS all the way.
Chinatown Scala serves decent food and most importantly .. its quite clean la!
The crab tang hoon was very nice! Fresh and flavorful. 
Tuck in!
After we finished dinner .... our food journey is NOT OVER YET.
But first up .. buying some snacks home!
Buy buy buy home!
This Lover say buy 'alittle bit only' but in the end I think she buy the most rubbish go back eat.
I usually buy the cashew nuts for my parents and parents-in-law.
Girls in Chinatown!
Lover wants to eat her ROTI but she cant remember the exact location so we ended up prowling the streets and asking all the hawkers where the stall is!!
Chinatown is so colorful and busy even on a weekday night.
The stalls line the roadsides and sell everything from fruits to food like sharksfin/birdnest to CDs.
There are many traditional shops that sell preserved sausages and meat, and Chinese delicacies like sea cucumber and herbs.
Hello uncle. Thanks for letting me take your picture.
Dessert time!!!
We stopped by the roadside stall to get some birdnest dessert!
Tang yuan
Birds Nest 
(Sorry I eat halfway then remember to take picture Zzz)
Followed by kway chup!
This Thai version is slightly different from our local style. The soup is more peppery, not unlike Bak ku teh. And very cheap too!
But Lover still keeping her lookout for her ROTI stall!!!! 
Finally .. after asking 468328 people along the way ........
This is around 9pm and there is a QUEUE 
Got so nice anot
They serve 3 kinds of roti here 
Still alot of people!
Besides roti, they serve traditional coffee and tea. Something like Ya kun lor! But Thai version.
The protocol here is to write your own order and hand it to the staff.
We cant write Thai, so we got the staff to write the order for us.
You have a choice of various kinds of toast like, Butter sugar, Kaya with 'Soft' (Lightly toasted bread) or 'Crispy' (Toasted bread). I think the novelty lies in the kinds of fillings they have. They even have Butter CHILI (yes really!) or Butter PINEAPPLE...!
Here's ours!
Eat roti!
And while Lover and me eat eat eat along the roadside ... 
BFF's classic nb look coz she can't eat anything that we ate.
In the end ...........
She make us wait for her at Macdonald 
Sawadeekap Ronald Macdonald!!!!!!!
Her supper zzzzzzzzzzz
(See her damn happy face)
The next and final morning ...
Day 4 in Bangkok
Gooood morning! View from our table during buffet.
I headed to the pool for the quick swim coz I think I was pigging out too much!!!
Relac one corner
Oops cocktail in the morning.
After a quick swim, we checked out!
Going back Singapore later in the evening!
We left our bags at the hotel and walked to the nearby Grand Diamond shopping mall.
Its more quiet here as compared to their neighbor Platinum but the things here are cheaper!
They have more auntie stuff though ... (and kids clothes)
Abit more orbit cha cha but we have time to kill so why not.
Shopping jiu si happy de!
My act-chio face while shopping
BFF's no-need-to-act-coz-look-like-auntie pose
We went back to Platinum to get something 
And end up 
Shopping and yes ...... FOOD COURT again.
The oyster omelette is crunchy and crispy de! Yumsss!
Been craving it since the night before
We walked past this shop in the Basement and I love the stuff here!
Black and white! All my favorite! Their clothes here are designed by a local designer and the quality of the clothes are quite good for the price. It reminds me of our local shop,  M(phosis) - but at a much more cheaper price. The designs are pretty quirky and unique.
We like!
The clothing models abit morbid though....... 
Then we saw something ...........
They look and smell .. *speechless* 
My sibeh excited face
Full also die die must eat!
BFF treat me eat! #fatdieus
Finally time to go airport
Tummy full full bag also full full 
On the way to airport we go!
*shake leg*
Saw a train pass by!
Stuck in traffic 
After I zzzzz and about an hour later ........
Welcome to Bangkok airport and shopping for MCM!
BFF's new bag! CHIO~~~ (bag not person)
Alot of time to kill coz the stupid Jetstar delay
Lover is here! We took the same flight back
Hi Janice! (Im supposed to crop this pic but lazy lol)
Eat again yes fml
After 36438 hours waiting in the airport ... we finally get to board soon!
And this is classic Lover 
Nobody eat in public until like tat one
Crumbs everywhere
One word to sum up
Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Off to Rompin, Malaysia for our fishing trip over the weekend and will be back soon!
Take care and have a great one, guys!
Outfit of the Day in Bangkok:
Hat from Bugis Village, RayBans and S$10 (250 baht) striped dress from Bangkok
And another quick #OOTD when I got back!
Pic from my Instagram : Clutch Bag from MCM and Black&White top from that shop I mentioned above in Platinum basement! Nice right! But look abit like flag design.
Okies ~ tats all for today!
Ending off my Bangkok trip with yet another super love MTV! BFF's fav thai song! Do watch it til the end too! (With English subtitles too!) 

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  1. make me wanna go shopping in BKK too! So long never go liao! And your bff de feet as small as me omg!! lol

  2. OMG, you guys look super auntie


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