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Thursday, November 07, 2013

[Review] Hello everyone! Hows your week coming along? Mine has been nothing but eventful to say the least, haha. Well, nothing bad happened but after all the drama of trying to get a new Iphone with my telco - I realized my old one is still under warranty. Cue *bird flying pass* Gua~gua. And then the day before I suddenly had an unbearable sore throat and had to sadly cancel drinks with the girls since Im on antibiotics (Sorry my babes!) . Anyways I have a looong day today with meetups and events, so hopefully I get better soon! A quick post now about the latest Flash Sale platform - Daily Vanity , shall we!
Daily Vanity 
Singapore's beauty-only e-magazine http://dailyvanity.com/ tells you the secret to being beautiful. Get beauty tips, video tutorials, latest makeup trends, reviews and many more. From Blog to Platform : Daily Vanity lets its community read, watch and shop.
As I was unable to attend the Daily Vanity bash (Sorry Kristen & Keith!) - Daily Vanity had kindly sent me some trinkets and a voucher for me to use in their Daily Vanity :  SHOP
Its really very easy, once you click on the Daily Vanity homepage you see this :
There's news, videos, tutorials and reviews for your viewing pleasures and if you click 'SHOP', you head to :
There are mainly 3 categories and at the moment its 'What a colorful world', 'Pretty & Poise' and 'Superstar Treatment'. There are several items in each catergory in the flash sale so you have to be quick! Items change or run out quickly so fastest fingers first!
Whats a Flash Sale?
Also called 'Deal-of-the-day' , it refers to a sale of an item that is only available for a limited period of time only. Prices are usually much lower than retail prices.
Here's what I got!
The irresistable YSL Blush Radiance in number 06! Its such a dream and the colors are so pretty! The luxe gold casing, YSL monogrammed brush and velvet cover is impressive.
It came neatly packed in bubble wrap and with a handwritten note from Daily Vanity.
The color payoff is excellent, with duo toners that complement each other. The darker shade of pink is more intense, while the lighter shade acts as a highlighter and has a slight shimmer. I use a fluffy blusher brush (I never like using compact brushes that usually come with the product) and mix both colors for a beautiful blend of pink. The only downside is how prone to scratches and thumbprints the YSL gold packaging is. However, I got it at an extremely reasonable price ($41.90 + $5 registered mail before media discount) but I had to camp by the website to get it! It was extremely fun though! Haha! Felt so satisfied after lol, such is a shopaholic nature. :p
Edited to add : If at any time if you see an item that you are interest in, simply add your email to the mailing wishlist and Daily Vanity will alert you once the item is available!
Thanks for the nail stickers that came with the press release too! My mum has been asking for it so this came at a great time ~ hahaha. (Yes Mum if you are reading this, I'll be passing you these ~ the watermelon ones are so cute lol)
One more thing too! 
Thanks Daily Vanity for the great thumbs up personalized service! I had unknowingly checked out without my coupon code and was charged the full amount by the credit card company if not for the quick-witted owner Keith who dropped me a personal email to double check. The refund came in swiftly and I got my item within 2 days. Thanks so much and I appreciate it! 
They also kindly extended the coupon voucher for all my readers here so please use discount code 'elaine' for 10 % off all purchases! Discount valid til 17th November so do pop by soon!
For more info, please head to :
Daily Vanity Website : http://dailyvanity.com/
Daily Vanity Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/dailyvanity
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