Despicable Me 2 Fluffy Unicorn Plush Toy

Friday, November 15, 2013

[Toy] Hello hello! Although I should be heading out for dinner soon ... I just wanted to show you what I bought TODAY! But first ~ have you seen Despicable Me 2?
Its a cartoon.
But there's a really really cute character in the story, and her name is Agnes. 
So in the first Despicable Me cartoon, Agnes goes to the funfair and falls in love with the UNICORN (See video below)
So cute right ........
"ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIEEEEE' became such a popular tagline, the makers came out with a plush toy! 
It was sold out like crazy until today!!!!  
Actually Bedtime Agnes and Minion Dave is also available .. but Unicorn cuter la.
And it TALKS!!!!
Cute dao
Its white, and pink with a gold alicorn 
And a pink fluffy tail!
With an original Despicable Me 2 tag 
Batteries are included 
There's a velcro opening at the bottom of the unicorn
And its soooooooo soooooo cute!!!
(My husband begs to differ .. but oh well. Can't please everyone.)
Now the magical part is ~
Check out my video on instagram! Tee hee.
Okieee I hope you dun end up looking like this now.
Thanks for looking! HAHAHHAHAHHAHA
p.s I bought it from Toys R Us Paragon for $119.90. :)
p.p.s Everyone thought that I was buying it for someone else's daughter. 
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Cya! Bye!

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