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Monday, November 18, 2013

[Review] Hi guys! Im currently away on a short trip to Malaysia, Kelantan so by the time you are reading this, Im actually not in Singapore hehee. Recently the good people of Moss which distributes Japanese brands like Eyemazing and Diamond Lash (Im quite sure you would have seen these pretty lashes somewhere before!) sent me some lovely falsies and I've fallen in love with them so I decided to show you my current faves. 
Eyemazing x Amoyamo
EYEMAZING is one of the top selling eyelash brand in Japan. Various popular models are the ambassadors for EYEMAZING, including Jun Komori. Eyemazing x Amoyamo is designed by Japanese  pop-duo made up of models Amo and Ayamo.
No. 811 Strawberry Tea
This design features 5 pairs of light brown eyelash with purple ends.
How fun are these!
First Impressions : I really LOVE the design of the covers! Each Eyemazing packaging looks like such a work of art, I marvel at the intricate detailed design of the different covers. These are fun eyelashes, as most of them come in light blond/brown or red-brown designs which is rather unconventional. They are perfect for party or to photoshoots but their quirky designs make it rather challenging to wear on a daily basis. Unless you happen to work in a fun environment, I'll prefer to keep these for a special occasion! Upon wearing them, they felt so light & soft to the touch, I could hardly feel them.
Yes.. as these are rather unique and perhaps not very suited for the office, but they add an element of surprise and they look super KAWAII ~! I actually wore them to a recent event,  the http://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/10/hello-kitty-x-ez-link-card-series.html (Click Here)
A close-up
There's a range of other designs which I will check out the next time I head to Watson's! 
Diamond Lash
A magical cosmetic brand that makes all the girls beautiful. Diamond Lash with Diamond Beauty that complete the perfect look! Spoke by various Japanese Young Active models.
Here's another cutie range which I have been seeing on the shelves at Watson's but this is my first time trying them on! 
I didnt realize that they have several color codes with many types of lashes!
I received the Green Aerial Eye range.
Each set comes with 5 pairs of lashes.
I've been wearing them and they are AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE!
First Impressions : These are so practical looking as compared to the Eyemazing designs! Its a simple design with a fairy logo and while all the covers look the same , they can be differentiated by the color of the packaging and the lash name (which is inconspicuously printed on the back) Diamond Lash have a really wide range of lash designs which Im sure that any girl can definitely find something she likes! I look at all the different types of lashes they carry and I feel so spoilt for choice! Diamond Lash lashes are also very comfortable and length-wise, they were perfect for me. I didnt need to trim off any lash length before using. 
Im using the Green Aerial Lash on my upper lashes in the picture below. I also used some mascara to enhance the look of the lashes. 
My Personal Collection 
I love these lashes from Eyemazing and Jewelove, I wrote about them before! 
My previous review on Watson's The Beauty Playground : http://www.thebeautyplayground.com/2013/08/30/jewelove-eyelash-review/
Aren't they GORGEOUS~
My favorite part about these lashes is that they are so comfortable, I can wear them and literally forget that Im wearing any falsies! They feel so soft and fluttery - they are really worth the price. Most of these lashes are also made of fabulous quality lash bone, hence they are more lasting and made for extended wear. 
Use a tweezer to gently remove any residue lash glue and clean your lashes gently after each time you use them. This will prolong lash wear and is more bang for your buck.
My Favorite Lashes 
Hope you enjoyed this review!
Another look at my Diamond Lash - Green Aerial Lash 
Eyemazing, Diamond Lash and Jewelove can be found at Watson's stores.
For more information, please head to :
Eyemazing Lash Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/EyemazingSingapore
Diamond Lash Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/DiamondlashSingapore
Take care!
I'll be back soon and hope you have a great start to the week, guys!
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