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Friday, November 01, 2013

[My Makeup Haul + Pics] Hi guys! I have been doing up this post for 34357 yearssss and finally gotten round to posting it~ ahahhaha ooops. It has been some time since my good friend (Thanks, Al!) lugged all these back from Japan for me and I was embarrassed to know how HUGE the packaging were! Trust the Japanese to have such intricate prints and details!
Ladurée Les Merveilleuses - Inspired by the color of macarons, Ladurée teams up with leading Japanese cosmetic house Albion to create a luxury range of makeup collection which combines high quality, elegance, and beauty.
Ladurée, Ladurée, Ladurée oh how I love you so!
Can someone say YUSO GORGEOUS???
It felt exactly like Christmas when I saw the boxes, boxes and more boxes!
And I was super restrained when I was choosing the items already okie. If I could, I would buy the entire collection and all the colors! (Husband, if you're reading this - Im kiddinggg.)
But my hubby face was like .......
Hahhaha ok enough goofing. Hehehe. How about more picturessss
Les Merveilleuses de Laduree was inspired by the Merveilleuses of 18th Century France, who were known for their extravagant, decadent behavior and fashion styles inspired by the ancient Greek and Romans. Laduree developed a makeup line that combined beauty with quality. The line places a great emphasis on blushes with three different formulas, as during the age of the Merveilleuses, blushing the cheeks was the main means of playing up one's feminine allure. The look of Les Merveilleuses is one of the refined elegance, with the rouged cheeks balanced with lighter shades for the eyes and lips.
FACE POWDER face powder
One of my favorite makeup items is the Face Powder. I tend to use more powder as compared to liquids or creme as I prefer a matte (or shimmer is fine) look. 
When I saw the pot online  ..... I was sold!
Take a look
And this loose powder comes with teeny shimmers! #bestofbothworlds
This is only the POT 
The thing about Ladurée Les Merveilleuses is that you have to buy (well, most of) the items separately and its costly...! Urghhh.
There are 4 shades of the Face Powder Refill - and this is 03
These are the 4 shades available
Opening up the pretty box
Be careful!
They have a comprehensive instructional guide but this is rather similar to my Anna Sui loose powder so I wasn't foreign to it. I got a penknife to cut through the paper slowly before removing the top portion. You have to have really steady hands for this!
The full set of Face Powder Pot
Price : Powder Re-fill 3,600 yen (before tax) Pot is 8,400 yen (before tax) 
Putting the pieces together
I've been using this face powder regularly, the shimmers are small and does not make me look like a disco ball even with a heavy hand. However, I prefer using this as a last step to add a touch of glam after my face is done. (after sunscreen and my Becca mineral face powder) This powder hardly has any coverage, but it feels luxurious and the powder's finely-milled. 
FACE COLOR ROSE LADUR'E Face Color Rose Ladurée
Ermz actually I only wanted THIS item from the whole makeup range but I dunno why la I go and buy so many other things. #sigh
The main difference between the face powder pot and the blusher pot is that this is a translucent casing instead of the opaque cream color of the face powder pot.
Price : 3,150 yen (7,000 yen body) pot tax 7,350 yen each refill tax (3,000 yen body) 
There are 3 colors to choose from and mine is 01
My heart STOPPED!
Wah lau eh chio die me
Opening the pouch
Heart certified stopped again
In all its petal glory
I didnt even dare to breathe in case I break something!
The scary part is that you have to physically place each petal into the pot !
God forbid I accidentally drop or tear the rose petal
My Rose Petal Blush!
Ladurée Les Merveilleuses Face Color is seriously the prettiest makeup item that I have ever owned! Its so pretty I dun even use it lol. For one, the petals are extremely delicate so Im half afraid to use my brush to press down on them, secondly the color pay-off is quite light and subtle so I prefer to use my other blushers. Nevertheless, I look at this on my dressing table and I swoon every. single. time. There's a powdery rose scent that I love too! So I just open the lid, smell and close it back. #truestory
Seriously I contemplated long and hard about buying this brush as I have alot of brushes already! But this look absolutely like a dream ~ PERFECTION! Machiam made in heaven. (Except the price)
6,300 yen including tax 
Its so fluffy-ly soft .. and the pink dipped ends looks so pretty .. I cant even.
CREAM CHEEK BASE cream teak base
Comes in 5 shades
Another item that I was deciding against as I rarely use cream items but ... 
Tell me how cute this looks
Look like a pretty English half-boil egg ahahhahah!
I've chosen shade 03 as its a slightly orange tone and very different from my other Laduree powder face blusher. This cream blusher blends in beautifully, and gives me a healthy flush.
4,410 yen each including tax
Ladurée Les Merveilleuses Rouge is also known as lipstick and this range offers a slightly glossy look.
Comes in several shades
4,410 yen including tax (12 shades to choose from in total)
Another extremely beautiful lipstick and this comes with a charm!
Rotate to use 
This is an extremely light color and I usually mix it with another lipstick color and layer gloss over as not to look washed out. One thing to note too, slowly rotate the lipstick to desired height as it is not reversible. 
Free Samples 
And thats all!
A look at my total Ladurée Les Merveilleuses Makeup ~
Love love love it so much!
Frankly yes... its all extremely expensive (sigh.. double sigh) but how to resist you tell me. They look so, so pretty - I must have used this word for 3262 times in this post alone - and I can't even bear to use the products much. I actually place them on my dressing table just to ADMIRE them. That's how bad it is. I try to use the products in case they expire in perfect condition lol but really, they are meant to be admired, not used. The pots are also bulky so travelling with them is quite impossible. If you intend to get some Ladurée Les Merveilleuses on your next trip to Japan, I suggest getting the compact powders or compact blushers instead. 
But of course.. only if you're the kind that can resist temptation. :)
Official Ladurée Les Merveilleuses Website : 
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  1. TAI CHIO LE.... Just kill me now. Hahaha.

  2. Wow! What a lovely haul/review! I'm so loooove this brand too (to the point of being an obsession) I just keep going back to purchasing more stuff.
    And I also can relate to this cause like to open the Face Color Rose pot, smell, and close it too, especially before I go to bed!( >w<)Such a beautiful scent. <3

  3. Wow the collection looks so gorgeous. I've never seen this in real life, but am a bit tempted to buy it this December. Need to remind myself of the not-so-awesome colour payoff if I want to save some money! Ha ha.

    Roxanne C.

    Laced Ivory - Singapore's Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  4. Wow, so beautiful !
    Love la Duree, Love paris

  5. :OOO Where do you find this in Japan, I have a friend who's going and I would die for these!!!


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