Lele Pot 乐乐锅 Steamboat Lunch with Lesbo

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[Throwback Lunch Date] Hello guys! Sometimes I have so many backlogged reviews and event coverage (actually not alot la but I damn nua so keep piling up lol ooopsie) - I look back at my picture folders and realise that I keep forgetting to post FUN TIMES! Enough with all the adverts and reviews (some is okayyyy but I dun like my blog to be all about them la.) If someone asked me, 'Why do you bother writing a blog?' I think penning down my thoughts and posting pics of my life is really a great way to jot down memories and at anytime, I could simply click on the post and re-live the good times again. Perhaps thats also why I seldom, if not, almost never write bad/negative grouses here. 
Afterall, I only want to remember how happy I was. :)
Lele Pot Lunchie with Lesbo
Away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s Central Business District lies an old estate of Tiong Bahru, a place replete with great historic charm and rich heritage. Resided along one of it’s streets at Seng Poh Road is a twin-outlet steamboat restaurant, Le Le Pot.
Look at the prices k
Say whaaaaaat.
Thats an average of $25+ per pax after we order drinks etc each time we come here for dinner (separate mini hotpot lunch sets available) and we eat until we BURST. 
Not only do I find the place extremely clean, the wait staff here are pretty prompt and efficient. In fact, Lele pot did so well with their first branch, they opened another one just a few doors down! 
Get ready to be spoilt for choice on a wide variety of Chinese cuisines that is sure to tantalize your taste buds, as well as thirst quenching beverages that we offer on our menu. Pamper yourself with a feast on our ala-carte steamboat buffet that covers more than 80 selections, all readily to be cooked in a steamboat filled with tasty & simmering broths.
My favorite broths is the Mala, Laksa (Very very good) and non-spicy chicken herbal soup. If you order the buffet set, you get to choose so many types of dishes and that includes cooked stuff like fried chicken wings, luncheon meat, mantou buns in condensed milk and even cheesy fries! I must also add that their sea hum cockles are fresh one! I always come here n whack sea hum.
My wonderful lesbo lunch date!
From this ... for TWO girls 
To this.
I think we ate until cannot move.
Really love this place! Sometmore in Tiong Bahru .. super central location. Great for casual meetups and even family gatherings. But please make reservations and the air-con get get really cold but shiok for hotpot la! Hahaha! Anyways u see my Lesbo forever buy rubbish for me *love u*
How do I look in Hello Kitty???
Right after lunch, we wanted to go for cakes coz there's so many delectable cafes in Tiong Bahru neighborhood but we over-ate (Story of my life ~ fml) We just went Tiong Bahru Bakery for kopi! And chit-chat until we had to leave for home!
Had such a great day with lesbo! 
xoxoxo love u forever x
Look of the Day
Thanks for looking at this super bo liao foooood post!
Now I look at it and Im hungry ~ although I just went there last night with other friends! 
HAHAHA I think they need to give me a VIP card tyvm. No need discount, just give me parking outside so I dun have to walk too far lol.
Lele Pot 
58 Seng Poh Road #01-23 Singapore 160058 (Opposite Tiong Bahru Market)
Operating Hours ( Mon - Sun): Lunch 11am ~ 3pm | Dinner 5pm ~ 11pm
Reservation: 6222 9442
Lele Pot : http://lelepot.com/
Bye bye!
p.s Sorry Im scheduling this at lunch time so I also can making you hungryyyyyy rofl 
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  1. I'm reading this during dinner time and I'm hungryyyyy!

  2. Oops hahaha rachie we go there one day together k! :D

  3. luckily I ate lunch already so don't feel that hungry looking at your pics hahaha

    Will check it out soon too! :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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