Lunch at Ma Maison Bugis+ with BFF

Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Backdated Post + Food] Hi guys! Happy Thursday! I just got back from Malaysia and my skin, hair, nails and everything was in a dire state so I was kinda busy getting them fixed! Was at the hair salon yesterday and today I'm heading off to do my nails later! A quick post on my (kinda, haha) recent trip to Ma Maison at Bugis+ with BFF Shortie.
Ma Maison at Bugis+ is a Japanese-Western inspired restaurant with a Hawaiian decor.
Everything looked so cheery!
I love the surf board and Waikiki beach ornaments on the walls!
They have an attractively priced set lunch menu that comes with a choice of your main course along with a soup, salad and drink.
And a new Tonkatsu menu
Our soup of the day was a creamy corn soup and a simple garden salad with wafu sauce.
I think my yellow top matches the decor here .... 
Act emo de BFF, dun care about her lalalala~
Her curry tonkatsu was delicious! Portions were good too.
My Salmon steak paled a little in comparison and the cream sauce was bland.
Obligatory photo shoot tee hee hee
We enjoyed the quiet restaurant and although the food was nothing to scream about, the service was prompt and friendly. The prices are reasonable for lunch sets ranging from $12.90-$16.90 and there were plenty of seats when we strolled in. Its completely different from the other Ma Maison at Bugis Junction! (See previous post here : ) This Ma Maison had plenty of light and is bright and cheery although I do prefer the menu from the original Ma Maison. Great for short catch-ups and casual meetups. 
Who's the yellow yellow dirty fellow!
Have a great cheery day ahead! xoxoxoxoxo
Off to do my nails ~

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