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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

[Shopping Loots] Hi guys! What a start of the week. My Iphone 5 suddenly dunno PMS or what coz it has been going on/off for nothing! The screen turns black and it shuts down and it re-starts! Urghh. I can't even sync it to my Itunes in hopes of saving anything coz it goes bonkers and switches off AGAIN. Need to get a new phone! PUI MAX.
Wearing my Hello Kitty T-shirt from Uniqlo's previous collection for ez-link's Hello Kitty Launch (Click Here) reminded me of my previous StayReal buys from Taipei! 
(Hahaha thanks to my personal shopper again Al!)
Found by Ashin from the Taiwanese rock band Mayday and his friend Not2good, StayReal designs clothing, vinyl figures, and other items with a punk and streetwear aesthetic. After the brand was launched in 2007, StayReal quickly found a following in Taiwan, then began expanding to other areas of Asia including Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan and recently, Singapore. In the future the brand is considering expanding into other markets including Korea, Australia, and America.
Besides collaborating with Hello Kitty, StayReal has done so many collaborations that its mind-boggling! From the cute (Hello Kitty), to the iconic (Doremon) to the outright funny (Spongebob! What a hoot!)
My first introduction to the brand was such a beautiful mistake! As I frequent Bugis Village for my hair and nails - I walked into an obscure shop selling trucker caps (My favorite) and I bought this cap coz I found it CUTE! I didnt know what StayReal was and I thought the cartoon looked geeky and funny so I bought it. When I posted this pic on instagram, everyone started asking where I bought it from! 
Turns out, I bought a cheap replica hahahhahaha! 
But shoooo cute leh so I dun care lor.
StayReal Loots
Hey hey are you ready! 
(Channeling how taiwanese rock stars always say this at concerts lol)
Even the ziplock is CUTE de wtf got skull my favorite
This Hello Kitty collection is kinda a ROCKER style version, not so much the kawaii de.
Taiwanese band Da Mouth in Hello Kitty x StayReal
Aiseh! Ashin in Hello Kitty!
This is what I bought!
Hello Kitty on motorcycle! 
"Make sound stereo Make life" 
(Dunno what it means though ahahhaha)
As stocks were extremely low for the Hello Kitty collaborations, I buey gam wan so I bought another Limited Edition top from the Bebe Poshe x StayReal Collection!
Someone say CHIO BU
Bebe Poshe
A collaboration among Taiwanese socialites - Jennifer Lin, Sun Yun-Yun, Sun Ying-Ying, Michelle Liao & Cammier Huang, a luxurious makeup brand created by socialites is born. Working with celebrity makeup artist You Si Qi, who is an experienced maestro in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics, the brand is the epitome of how impeccable style, luxurious design & effective formula can come together. 
Previously sold exclusively in Watsons, I dont think that they are still in Singapore sadly. 
This Limited Edition (While stocks last) came with a cute 'clutch bag'!
The 4 designs 
Everything else was sold out too! This was the design I got.
Guess what's inside?
My Bebe Poshe x StayReal top and a FREE blusher!
"Im too sexy for StayReal" - Hahahhahah I wore this and my friends cocked their eyebrows like LOL seriously cannot meh.
The blusher was CUTE too!
In 01 Rose (Cannot choose color)
Looks quite bright and cheery!
I swatched it and the color payout is good! Its very pigmented, and there are small shimmers upon application. I can't use a heavy hand as it looks too pink n bright on my tanned skin (More suited for lighter-skinned girls) but I used it sparingly with a highlighter on the top of my cheeks and a little goes a long way! Not bad for a free item, though!
StayReal is the perfect place to get a trendy cute T-shirt and the many collaborations make sure that someone finds something they like! They have a store in Bugis Junction now and although the stocks and sizes are quite limited, the prices are quite reasonable for the quality so you don't have to wait til you make a trip to Taipei for them specially now!
Prices range from $35-$85 for a T-shirt.
And here's my latest Hello Kitty x StayReal one from my previous trip to Beijing! I saw it and I cant resist! Cuteeeeee die.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 
Off to do my stupid Iphone laaaaaaaaaaaa BUMMER.
Take care!
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