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Friday, November 22, 2013

[Mask Review] Hi guys! The weekend is coming and I wanted to post this before I get really busy! Meetups, dinners and fun times with friends and family beckon this festive season. Christmas is coming really soon and what are your plans? Are you going to join the mad rush of Christmas shopping with throngs of crowd in Orchard? Sometimes I really wish I can do all my Christmas shopping online to avoid the queues at the cashier. Before I digress any further - when the kind peeps of Tahpre sent some lovely masks over, the first thing that caught my eye was how retro-licious they looked~! And they are actually from Korea! There's no cutesy pink or overly fluffy looking packaging here. Nope, Tahpre embodies the 1950s pin-up girl and states that they are here to develop effective products that helps us keep our skin looking absolutely divine, radiant and most importantly, healthy. 
Tahpre Cosmetics. 
Keeping your skin looking absolutely Divine, Radiant and most importantly, Healthy. Everyday. Check us out at www.tahpre.com.sg
Tahpre Cosmetics is 5-free. 
We promise never to use parabens, artificial perfumes and dyes, mineral oil, and artificial preservatives in any of our products.
Brand Story
I was gifted with the three different types of Silk Masks available - Brightening, Lifting & Firming and Moisture. 
While they have the similar pin-up girl in a bikini, the masks are of different colors. 
Here I will review the Brightening Mask.
Each Silk Mask is 
- 100% natural silk sheet
* No non-wooven fabric, no gel type, no additives to silk, 100 % natural.
* 18 kinds of amino acids, that are found in silk helps keep the skin tight and supple.
*Passed the test of KTR (Korea Testing &Research Institute), and proven free of formaldehyde and fluorescent whitening agent.
First Impressions : Each box ($29.90) comes with 5 pieces of individually packed Silk Mask with some English words but instructions were all in Korean. There is a good amount of watery serum in each sheet pack and I used the reminder on my neck and arms. The scent is light and smells almost like Pokka Green Tea ( Yes, really!) It is made of 100% delicate silk which actually feels like it's gonna tear but its surprisingly hardy even when I was pretty rough during application. The mask does not slip off too and it stayed on firmly throughout. 
An abundance of serum
Neatly folded 
Press silk portion on face and remove plastic sheet when mask is adhered to skin.
Its a good fit everywhere except on the nose (Think my nose too big)
Remove after 15-20 mins 
Overall Review : My top observation is how moisturized my skin feels and there is a slight whitening effect which went off after awhile. The serum from the Silk Mask has no parabens or alcohol so although I have rather sensitive skin, I was confident that Tahpre will not break me out. The Silk Masks felt comfortable on my skin although there was a slight stickiness after use. It went away when I used a toner and after I applied my regular skincare I could feel that my skin is more hydrated than usual. I like the convenience of a sheet mask and I realized that I was reaching out to this mask every time I needed a quick pampering session at home. I like how this brand advocates not using typical skincare preservatives and chemicals and thus is suitable for most skin types, even sensitive ones like mine. The packaging looks unique and the price is mid-range reasonable. If you are not travelling to Korea any time soon, you can check out the Tahpre Singapore website to purchase it online as it is currently not available in Singapore. I think this skincare line also makes a great Christmas gift to family and friends alike as they might have not seen this locally :) 
Prices are from $19.90-$59.90 
For more information, please head to :
Tahpre SG Website : http://tahpre.com.sg/
Tahpre SG Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/tahpre.sg
Special Promo for reaching 1000 likes on Facebook!
Enjoy a surprise 10% off storewide promotion from now to the end of the week 
(Ends 24th Nov)
Take care and have a great weekend guys!
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