My Pregnancy Journey - Part 1

Monday, October 27, 2014

[Personal Post] Hello hellooooooo! *Dusts imaginary cobwebs off my blog*  
Thank you everyone for all the kind wishes and love! I can definitely FEEL it I swear everyone is being too kind, really!!!!! *weeps* 
To be honest .. I have never wanted to announce my pregnancy until a much later date, or til the point where I can't really hide being fat anymore LOL.

But then my hubby sabo-ed me and posted a video (see video from my previous post) in his Facebook on our 3rd wedding anniversary so ........
I guess its not to late to start my pregnancy journal yet, bah! Hehehehe.
My Pregnancy Journal - Part 1
Well it all started when I missed my extremely regular period for a grand total of 2 days. I'm usually very 'regular' so when Auntie Flow didnt pay me a visit as expected, I began to wonder if we really hit jackpot this time round. 
I had lunch with my hubby that afternoon and I broke the news to him that I think I might need to get a pregnancy test kit. He was excited but we didnt really want to get our hopes too high in case we end up being disappointed. As he had a meeting after lunch, I headed to the nearest pharmacy before going home to do the test.
The Results 
I actually sent him this picture through Whatsapp hahah! And both of us was trying to FIGURE out what the results were! I mean look at it .. its so faint!
After he got back from work, we decided that the next best thing to do is to wait. I know that it might be too early for a pregnancy test kit to show so the next day we came to a conclusion that perhaps we could both make a trip to my regular gynecologist for a more accurate pregnancy blood test. (And kill the suspense) 
My gynae - Dr Koh Gim Hwee from Raffles Women Clinic did a quick calculation and said perhaps it was too early for the urine test to show, so a blood test is more accurate in this case. Results would be fairly quick, he could email me the next day when its out.
The Next Day 
Did I see the word "PREGNANCY"???
So I guess ..........
As we both hop around in delight, the only thing we can do is to pray and hope that everything goes well. I made a conscious decision to stop my hot yoga once I found out that I was in the early stages of my pregnancy as I didnt want to risk my body of overheating. I've heard of pregnant women still going to hot classes but I didnt want to do anything that Im not too comfortable with especially when I was only about 4 weeks pregnant at that time.
First Trimester  
One of the very first signs of my pregnancy was when I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night to head to the toilet! Arghhhhhhhhh
I have a bad habit of drinking water even before I do to bed because I cannot tahan thirst! But when I  was waking up several times a night just to pee... its so irritating la! And then the next life-changing moment - Fatigue. 
I was going through a bad period of housework when my then-helper left suddenly before I found out that I was pregnant. I seriously thought that it was all the housework that I was doing making me soooo TIRED! Even my hubby commented that I looked drained (he must have thought that I really hated housework) but then after that I realized that it was my body trying to work extra hard 'housing' a baby thats why I was always grumpy and lethargic! Duh..!
Common Signs of early Pregnancy 
- A missed period, or very light spotting
- Tender Breasts (Could also be a sign of PMS) 
- Fatigue 
- Frequent urination 
- Constipation 
- Headaches and back pain 
Dizziness and fainting
- Nausea (Morning Sickness)
(Source : Here)
I didnt really get Morning Sickness til I was into my 7th or 8th Week but I had frequent urination and fatigue the most! I didnt exactly feel bloated either so thankfully I still could fit into my regular clothes up to my 2nd trimester.
5 Weeks 
Was at a wedding dinner with my cousin (below) and I was so sad that I couldnt drink any alcohol boo. #storyofmylife 
My #OOTD at about 5 Weeks
My stupid guy friend commented that I had a huge tummy and asked if I was pregnant in Instagram! I really wanted to reply #yes.
Went out with BFFs and godson to Fidgets but couldnt carry my godson or run after him much coz I was preggy then 
7 Weeks 
Had a dinner party to attend and had to get something to wear coz all my usual dresses were very tight around the tummy ~ lololol!
I even headed out sea with my girls to Milly's birthday party on a yacht! Poor Nadnut had more seasickness than me that rocky evening! Awww I gave her my sour plums and prayed nobody asked why I had them in my bag lolol (I think I said coz I was afraid of being seasick but I know Nad suspected coz I wasnt drinking that evening too! Right Nad!!!! U really very sharpppp!)
9 Weeks 
Had a lovely dinner with hubby that weekend and I wanted to wear my bandage dress although I had the slightest of bump then~! (Now all cannot wear liao sobzz)
There was a serious lack of pictures and updates in social media especially during my 8-10 week of pregnancy coz I was suffering from bouts of Morning Sickness and Lethargy EVERY SINGLE DAY!
 All I wanted to do was wake up, puke, eat and SLEEP!!!!
11 Weeks 
I was so grateful to be able to regain some energy back and head out to dinner with my girlfriends but sad that I had to skip all the Dom that night. Le sigh.
The one craving that I constantly had during my first trimester ...
Nasi Briyani!!!!! Hahahah dun ask me why but its just something about the carbo load and curry chicken that makes me so happy! 
Trying to comfort myself .. constantly.
Even visited my dear classmate's newborn but I was still around 11 weeks then and couldn't announce although I was bursting to tell them coz I wanted to ask so many questions too ahaha! 
Attended the Hada Labo event with my girlies and all I could remember was how bloated I felt (and was hoping nobody noticed!) and how I was secretly burping under my breath lolz ~ ewww. p.s It was my heavy ramen lunch that I had prior to the event!
Finally ........
The end of my 1st Trimester!
13 Weeks
A quick snap of my #babybump in the Taka toilet lol 
So in conclusion of my 1st Trimester .......
- I was constantly lethargic! 
- I had tender boobs but I brushed it off as PMS until I missed my first period.
- I kept going to the toilet even though I was drinking a normal amount of water 
- Although I didnt have much (weird) cravings, I did eat more meat especially beef! I wasn't a beef person to begin with, so it was weird to the hubby how I would request for steak/pork chop/ meat meat meat dishes and carbs!
- I felt like having Indian food most of the time, too! LOL. Prata.. briyani.. curry oh yums!
- I couldnt stomach durian sadly! Its my favorite thing in the world to eat but then I puked it all out after every single time. 
- I was on prenatal vitamins but sometimes I felt so sick with morning sickness especially during 7-8 Week that I couldnt stomach anything :( 
- My morning sickness came at all times! I could either feel sick in the morning or feel totally fine til the afternoon and suddenly .. off to the toilet I go! 
- My appetite was still GREAT through out though! I could eat, puke and eat again. My family though I was hilarious. Grr.
- Morning sickness started to ease up around 13 Weeks and I was beginning to regain energy and to my husband's dismay .. I began to talk alot more too (since I wasnt using my mouth to puke so much!)
- I really, really, really miss ALCOHOL :(
Anyways! Thanks for looking~ awwwww! 
And sorry for the lack of updates recently (I have replied all tags n comments!) .. I also have a ton of posts to catch up on but I really wanted to write alittle on my personal Pregnancy Journal first so I could look back and remember all the puking ~ NOT. Ahahahhaha! Im thankful that everything seems to be going smooth in the meantime and how my energy has picked up greatly since my 2nd trimester now. Will be back to document it further, but I hope u enjoyed this post so far! Each pregnancy is different so what I went through might or might not be the same for everyone :)
But one thing's definitely for sure .......
Thank you sooo much for dropping by everyone! I sleepy already .....yawn. Better sleep more now before baby arrives (thats what everyone says ~ tee hee hee!)
Back soon xoxoxoxo
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  1. My sister have curry rice (Malay/Indian) every single day (maybe Skip once/twice per week) thru-out her whole pregnancy!

  2. Omg. Congrats dear! Happy for you. Feel free to ask me any questions anytime.

    Love, Rachel.

  3. Congratulations Elaine!!
    U know I had a gut feeling at the Hada Labo event tht u might be preg but I didn't want to ask la cos it's kinda a shit thing to ask "eh u pregnant ah?" When they are not. Lol


  4. Really, really so happy for you dear!! Congrats and if you need any mummy advice, feel free to ask :) take good care of yourself and post more baby bump pics!!! xox

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. I am so happy for you! Been reading your blog since Elaine73 and LBT time till you both got together and now with a little cutie pie! Almost felt like I grow up with u both as part of my life. Have not visited your blog for the past couple months as I just gave birth myself. But something in my mind kept telling me to read your blog again to check for good news. And yay!!! Such good news! Congrats to u and LBT! Stay positive, have a smooth pregnancy! Xoxo

  6. Hi Chantana lololll ur sis so cute! I also like malay rice leh!!! But not every day hehe!!!
    Hello Citerella! How r u my dear!!! Busy w yr girl?? Thk u simo much for dropping by! Muacks!
    Hahaha Holly WHY!!!!! How u guess!!!
    Thk u Ai!!! Muack!!!
    Awww Ting wow congrats!!!!! Hehe so long no hear ppl call him LBT keke!!! N thk u for dropping by n i wish u all e best too!!! Jia you!!!

  7. Actually hor I have been off alcohol since I was pregnant till now. I secretly miss my moscato and whites, but also enjoy my Holy Communion's red wine ;P Enjoy the pregnancy process, Elaine! :)

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