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Friday, December 12, 2014

[Beauty] Hi everyone! This week marks the end of my 2nd trimester and boy did time FLEW by me! I have been resting a lot, in addition .. I was travelling for a bit (as approved by my OB) and yes! Going to yoga almost daily too! Being on the mat actually keeps me sane and I hate to lie around at home doing nothing coz in actual fact ~ I feel worse!!! To be frank we have not been preparing much for Junior's arrival besides getting some really cute clothes on our travels .. hehehe. I guess I would have to buck up a bit both in blogging AND getting baby's necessities. Oh well. 
Nail Grooming
One of my absolute favorite things to do is to get my nails groomed on a monthly basis! Im very particular over the state of my nails .. I cannot deal with chipped or broken nails one leh.. I would rather go short or plain! But no ugly nails! LOL #firstworldproblems

Milly's Nails in Bugis Village 
I was about 4 months preggy here .. but no one knew! 
I refrained from getting too much work done on my nails in my first trimester so (below) this is around 2 months of nude nails. 
The gelish was growning out like crazy especially coz I was on folic acid prenatal vitamins
The length was driving me crazy! I dun like my nails to be too long so I had my manicurist chop them off 
A quick cuticle trimming 
Hahahah kiasu me! 
HAHAHHAHA (hope I didnt scare anyone walking pass the shop)
Nail beautifying in process 
Black and Silver ~ my forever loveeeee
This time round I wanted to go CHROME HEARTS 
I took so many selfies SMILING until I realized nobody can tell that I am smiling coz the face mask cover my face right..???? DUHZZZZZZZ
Black normal pedicure to matchy matchy my black manicure 
I went to Melbourne right after and had so many comments while I was there! I dun think the Aussies are as big on Chrome Hearts as we in Asia do but they admired the nailwork and loved the metal stick-ons! Even though they did ask me what symbol it was ..........
Anywaysssss I need to go get ready for sushi dinner with my hubby! TGIF! Pak tor day! :)
And I wanted to share a GOOD DEAL with y'all coz it really gooooood deal until!! 
Coz I just did it this week too! Hehehe show u my current nail design for Christmas :)
Gold flakes + nude + diamonds xx
In addition .... specially for the new branch in Bugis Cube, all Eyelash Extensions are either $48 or $58! (Read my previous review here : )
I removed my old extensions and had these Black Diamond Cluster Lashes (Worth $48)! Super comfy and amazingly pretty even without makeup so I can save plenty of time now! Will be blogging on it (updated review) soon, yeah!
For more info, please head to 
Milly's Website :
Bugis Cube *NEW*
    470 North Bridge Road #02-12    
    Singapore 188735
    Tel: 63376876
    Operating Hours : 11am - 10pm (Mon - Sun)
    (Inclusive of Public Holidays)
Okies take care all! Bye! xo
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