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Friday, December 26, 2014

[Personal Post] Hi guys! Happy Boxing Day! How fast time flies ~ I was so busy this holiday period buying pressies, wrapping.. going for meet-ups and makan sessions with friends and now suddenly we are heading towards 2015! How did u spend your Christmas this year? :)
Christmas 2014
Every year I look forward to Christmas. I dunno why but I love spending time with family and friends even though the period right before Christmas is super hectic coz everyone seems to like to do last minute shopping!! Like myself!!! :p
We had a small gathering at our friend's place on Christmas eve ...
With plenty KIDS!

It was potluck so we all brought something to the party but the hostress's Four Season Hotel Turkey and Ham was the hit of the party! Veryyyyy huge and yummy!
All 10 KG of turkey!!!!
Our contribution was Nene Korean Fried Chicken! If you are looking for a fun dish to bring to a party, you can consider this! Nicer than 4Fingers I feel! I like the Original and Spicy version although I did purchase the Extra Spicy sauce ($1 per tub) and I loved it! I have cravings for extremely spicy food throughout my pregnancy so the spicier .. the better!
We had alot of other dishes that night .. Pasta, salad and so much more food! But my hands were busy eating chicken wings so yeah LOLOL
Christmas cupcakes!
Baby E so happy to see chocolate! She's so cute xx
Desserts .. everyone's favorite part of the meal!
We lined the girls up for a photo .........
And the ADULT version below!!!!
Hahahha! Can u guess whose daughter belongs to who??? 
With their brothers ....
So cute la all of them xxx
Especially with the kids playing games and the fathers ... playing drinking games!!! ZZZZzzzzz 
Definitely a fun, fun Christmas this year! Can't wait for New Year now ~ Here's wishing everyone a blessed, blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hopefully next year will be even better ... with joy, love and happiness for all! 
On the morning of Boxing Day .... 
A family picture of all my Christmas pressies and even some unopened ones from my birthday with my small [H]-Orange Christmas Tree!! So blessed with all the love from my friends and family! But KEEP CALM AND ALL THE ORANGE BOXES ARE EMPTY ARH... 
Btw, any New Year resolutions anyone?
Maybe mine should be no more shopping! Hehehehe.
Back real soon! Off to bed liao~!
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There is nothing more magical than decorated trees, lights, presents, family and friends to brighten up your life. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Leaving you one of my favorite songs from local rap-singer artist, Shigga Shay. 

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