Baby Fair at Expo

Sunday, June 28, 2015

[Personal] Happy weekend everyone! Erms actually weekend coming to an end hor so sad. On friday I trooped down to the baby fair at Expo with le hubs and my new tula! LOLOLL super kena poison.. 

Actually all we wanted was to pop by to check out baby pyjamas.. Coz he's growing out of his 6 months ones and I wanted to get him new ones that are slightly bigger so they are more comfy for bedtime. 
At Expo
Im trying to refrain from buying rubbish so I skipped some areas and went straight to baby clothes #selfcontrol
Then popped by the diaper area to take some pictures of the price list for my East-side Mummy whatsapp group. 
I try not to buy diapers in bulk coz baby is growing pretty fast and we had so many newborn and S sizes ones that people gave during the full month party that we cant even finish and had to pass it along to friends :) 
So we only came home with these! Pyjamas at $10 each, a small baby pillow for him to be more comfortable and just ONE pack of diapers. (Trying out Merries for the first time! Any reviews?) Haha quite controlled right. #Anywaythefairsmall. Leaving u with my fatty donut! 
Hope everyone will have a great week ahead! Love xx 
#Babywear FTW. Sleepydust all round! Heheheheh

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  1. Been using merries since Jepsen's birth. Both brands are good. No leaks, no poop spills. They are thin and very absorbent! Good choice!

  2. Hot mama! What brand are those sunnies? Love em!

  3. Hi Elyzabeth thanks! Hahah i bought one to try! Hope they r good! Quite ex wor even in baby fair :)
    Hello Jen! They are Victoria Beckhams :D


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