Elroy's First Laugh!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[Personal] Hi hi guys! Zomggg so last night, out of no where.. Baby did something that made all of us gasp! You see, he was playing with his ye-ye after dinner as usual while the rest of the family was watching tv and then suddenly.. Out of the blue, he started to GIGGLE! Then he began to laugh really loudly like ... non-stop!

He would usually smile.. Or coo, sometimes he'll scream in delight or he'll just let go a small chuckle.. but last night he really bellowed with plenty of baby laughs! Like non-stop! I managed to captured it - a snippet of the video below! #15WeeksOld

So glad we caught it!

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  1. Cutieee !!! :)
    Im sure more laughters to come...


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