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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[Personal] Helloooo! This quickie blogging thing is quite easy coz now I kinda can do up a post while holding baby in my arms. I tried it with my laptop some time ago but all baby wanted was to bang on the keyboard LOLOLOL! 
22th June Tues
So last night I did some rearranging and mini spring cleaning coz baby has too much stuff! Most importantly, he has been growing out of some of his clothes so I have to remove and pack those that he cant wear anymore. For example... 
This pyjamas. 

Laugh die me. I made him wear it coz I kinda forgot about it and by the time I took it out... Erm.. HAHAHAHA. #Forgetfulpostpregnancywoes. Recently baby is getting really vocal too! He likes us to carry him and walk around.. And he likes to watch TV with us carrying him and standing!!! *facepalm* Cannot sit, this one. So my MIL had the mostest ingenious plan......
Stroller in the house. It lasted all 5 minutes. Til then! 

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