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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[Personal] Sometimes you make friends in places that you least expect it to happen. Before I gave birth, I was adamant in not stressing myself out with baby stuff like breastfeeding or formula feeding. I mean, as long as baby gets fed and grows up healthy I dun really care how. (I still hold this thought close to my heart although my baby is tbf now) My friend gave me a book on breastfeeding and for that I thank her til date. However there are some things that books dun cover and questions Im dying to ask. My mummy friends told me about this group.. Called the Breastfeeding Mums Facebook group and recommended that I join (its a closed group so your fb profile will be screened before they approve) - although I was hesitant in the beginning, I joined out of curiousity during long nursing hours when Elroy was a newborn. Surfing fb was all I could do while cradle-carrying a baby! And boy, I never knew that this group not only taught me a wealth of info (like, I can eat durian or drink coffee and even alcohol as long as I dun feel drunk) - I got to know a group of like-minded mummies all staying in the East! 
Our first meet-up 
Our second meet-up

We just met up once again this week and now we're planning another playdate! 
Our third meetup
And its always at the SAME PLACE! Hahahaa! 
No complains coz all Hongkong cafes are my favorite places to drink milk tea. Picture of E's fries & sandwich lolol
Babies babie and more babies! 
Kangeroo baby want to how cute
Even older kids 
So act paiseh they all! Actually they can friend friend and run around the whole mall thankyouverymuch 
We have really small babies  
And those in between 
And the toddlers + mummies so each time the gathering gets noisy but SO MUCH FUN! 
We chat daily in whatsapp and 20 mummies in a groupchat means there's easily 100 msgs shooting to & fro ~ LOL! But yes very nice knowing people that understands what you're going through. And sharing mummy info. :) 
Cant wait til our next meetup! 













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