Lunch at Sze Chuan Court

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Its been one hell of a weekend coz I fell sick and was down with a horrible cold that rendered me almost useless except lying there wishing  that I haven eaten all the bak kwa that my father bought for me lol. And because Im breastfeeding, I also have to be extra careful of the meds that I take so I had to see a doctor coz I didnt really wanna get over the counter medicine in case it wasnt breastfeeding compatible. Speaking of doctors.. Why are all the clinics closed on weekends??? Oh my gosh we had such a hard time finding one thats open after noon (What, nobody falls sick on weekends?) ~ nearly had to go see a doctor at ER coz tat was in fact the nearest one to me & it didnt help that I was feeling dizzy! Anyways Im feeling much better now ~ can even do online shopping. Must be recovered liao la. Haha! So, going back to the week during National Day where I had a quick catch up lunch with my cousin & babies at Sze Chuan Court dim sum! 
Lunch at Sze Chuan Court 
All baby boys that day! 

We had the ala carte dim sum buffet 
Food was not bad (I do prefer my favorite Imperial Treasure dimsum at Taka though!) and quite value for money infact. Especially coz my cousin has some discount card and it made it more worth for the amount of food we had. The boys loved their har gow & siew mai seriously! 
Sze Chuan Court also has other dishes in the buffet menu such as soup, roasted meat,  noodles and desserts too. 
The best part was where we caught the Black Knights in the sky (it was during NDP rehersal) and then seeing all the military trucks on the road right below us! 
Gave baby a small piece of fruit to nibble on. He loves fruit! 
And once again... My trusty tula to the rescue when lunch over-run to almost 2.5 hours and baby needed to nap badly! 
Handsfree nom-ing and talking, yay! Oh my Im sooo stuck in the hole of babywearing now... And Tula has all the pretty designs I can't even. *crossed eyes* I've been getting some questions on where to buy Tulas so hopefully I'll find some time to pen down a quick Q&A for easy reference soon! Lemme know if u all wanna know anything i'll try to help~ kisses. xoxo 
Cheeky baby smile for all! 












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