OMOROVICZA Introductory Kit Face Review

Thursday, August 06, 2015

[Review] Hello hello! A beauty post today before the looong National Day weekend! As much as I enjoy talking about my baby to anyone who would care to listen (kidding) - I still love doing beauty-related posts. Im not exactly a skincare or makeup guru, but like most girls, I love to experiment and try out new stuff. Being a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mum) now to a young baby means I dun have the luxury to travel out for leisure spa sessions, even a facial or haircut seems Mission Impossible to me at the moment! So the next best thing I can do is to have a good beauty routine and try to keep my skin in best condition as possible. 
OMOROVICZA Introductory Kit Face Review
Omorovicza's cult beauty products take inspiration and ingredients from the family’s 2000-year old thermal spring in Budapest. Today, co-founders Stephen and Margaret Omorovicza work alongside the Nobel-prize winning Hungarian Laboratory of Dermatology to harness healing properties found in the mineral-rich water, delivering smooth, hydrated and visibly rejuvenated skin.
The perfect Omorovicza starter kit for skincare on-the go. This gift set contains 5 items which have been handpicked for their deep cleansing, brightening and energizing effects, as well as working in perfect harmony with each other to awake your skin’s true beauty

Perfect for all skin types, the Omorovicza Introductory Kit Face has everything a beginner like me could ever ask for. It includes a Deep Cleansing Mask (15ml) which actively re-energises and brightens the skin as it draws out impurities. The Queen of Hungary Mist (30ml) for a hydrating energising burst when needed. A Thermal Cleansing Balm (15ml) which removes any impurities or make-up without stripping the skin. Their best-seller, the Cleansing Foam (30ml) which leaves skin clean and refreshed. And lastly, the Balancing Moisturizer (20ml) which provides ample hydration whilst absorbing instantly.
OMOROVICZA Cleansing Foam
Omorovicza's award-winning sulphate-free cleansing foam is designed remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of vital moisture. This refreshing formula is blended with detoxifying Copper Gluconate to support collagen production and regulate sebum.
- Delivers minerals deep into the epidermis and dermis to lock in moisture
- Apple Pectin delivers long-lasting hydration
- White Lupin energizes and revitalizes the skin
Very very luxurious smelling, the cleansing foam does not lather up much but it felt extremely soothing when I applied it on my damp skin. It was almost like a facial session in my bathroom. Smells so deliciously indulgent, I enjoyed how it did not leave my sensitive combination dry or taut after usage. 
OMOROVICZA Queen of Hungary Mist
Inspired by the world's first documented perfume from the 14th century, Omorovicza's aptly named Queen of Hungary face toner will refresh and hydrate your skin. This Neroli and Rose-scented mist will replenish and purify the body's most delicate dermis by delivering moisture and restoring suppleness. Spritz onto the face morning and night or whenever you need an awakening lift.
Very light and almost similar to an atomic mist, the Queen of Hungary Mist smells like a dream and is perfect for a mid day pick-me-up or simply to relax and hydrate skin before heading to bed.
OMOROVICZA Balancing Moisturizer
Ideal for oily and combination skin, this cooling gel-cream regulates the production of sebum to avoid shine. It provides perfectly calibrated long-lasting hydration though it absorbs instantly. It also helps to reduce pore size and blurs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
One pump of the Balancing Moisturizer was quite sufficient for my whole face and once again.. the yummy spa-like whiff of this light cream-gel moisturizer transported me back to a luxurious facial session. I had a small outbreak of bumps recently from trying out new skincare and upon using this for 2 days. IT ALL WENT AWAY. I am sold.
OMOROVICZA Deep Cleansing Mask
Much more than a deep-cleansing treatment, this calcium and magnesium-rich mask clears congested pores and brightens tone as it draws out impurities. Moor mud purifies the skin without leaving it taut.
- Deeply cleanse and nourish the skin with Hungarian Moor mud, rich in calcium and magnesium carbonate.
- Draw out toxins and impurities while naturally absorbing pore-clogging oil with white clay.
- Leave skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking as Hydro Mineral Transference™ delivers minerals deep into the skin.
Worked like most mud masks without stinging skin or leaving it dry. My face felt smooth after application and radiated a slight glow. It was easy to spread on and dried without caking.
OMOROVICZA Thermal Cleansing Balm 
This award-winning black balm cleanses without stripping, removes all impurities and make-up including waterproof mascara, to leave the skin soft and hydrated. Calcium and Magnesium-rich Hungarian Moor mud detoxifies and purifies, while sweet almond oil nourishes skin to leave it soft and silky. 
Instructions : Massage gently. Wipe thoroughly using a damp Omorovicza cleansing mitt or cloth.
This award-winning black balm is seriously extremely unique and I can see why. Although it looks kinda weird and scary being blackish, it spreads easily on skin like oil which dissolves makeup in an instant. I was hesitant on using it too frequently but it really left skin extremely soft and clean-feeling.  Worked like a dream on heavy duty makeup. I prefer to double wash after use with the cleansing foam though. 
Overall Review : Based on my recent use, the OMOROVICZA Introductory Kit Face did a great job for me to test out the brand's cult products and I can see why they have a following of their own. To be honest, I love how non-commercial they are (I have never heard of them til now!) but by no means are the products lacking in quality. They are very, very luxurious (Im pretty sure you have noticed how many times the word 'luxurious' have been repeated in this review) but really, no other words could describe how indulgent this brand feels. I could feel my skin transform ever so subtly and currently I love how soft it feels. I am extremely tempted to head down to the counter to check out the full size products and buy them all for myself. As far as my pocket allows me to, I guess. 
OMOROVICZA is available exclusively at the Beautique counter in Takashimaya, Level 3, or Beautique at Prices range from $20-$340. 
For more info, please head to :
Thanks for looking and hope everyone have a really happy SG50 weekend! 
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