SuperMom BabyFair at Suntec

Saturday, August 29, 2015

[Personal] Yesssss my life is ALL ABOUT BABYFAIRS recently I guess~! Insert bored baby face for attention 
Hahaha! Ok the reason why I went to (another) baby fair is because the little one is growing waaay too fast and he is going to be ready for solids soon! And this just means I have more reason to shop (much to the exasperation of hubby dearest lol) - cups, bowls, playmats etc. All the works! 
SuperMom Babyfair at Suntec
Its quite big! 

So once again.. I'm always there on the first day and in the morning to beat the crazy crowd ~ although I dun have the habit of preordering stuff, I saw many parents who did! I still prefer to look at the item then decide if I wanna buy it.. Coz im frickle-minded like tat! Esp also coz pre-order stuff are quite ex.. Like strollers! Ha! Unless I know for sure 34678x that thats the item Im going for ba... Anyway!
Babyfair nowadays sooo nice de hor. Got balloon balloon
Chiong arh~! We even forgo bringing pram this time round coz dun think we gonna buy bulky stuff like diapers (I order online now) or wet wipes (I hoard them) 
More balloons! 
K k k lai liao ~ shopping starts! 
As usual we have our "Bangkok Platinium Mall trained" tactic whereby we will always start from one corner of the mall and going in one straight line up and down again til we go to the end of the other side of the mall to avoid missing out on any booths. 
And even if u see anything remotely interesting ON THE OTHER SIDE, do not - I repeat - do not abandon sequence. 
Else very 乱 one! #truestory 
And if u wan to buy something. Just buy unless u are very very sure you can find the shop again. 
But Im usually quite a decisive shopper coz I tend to do my homework before I buy LOL. The only thing is I like to pick and choose the design so imagine I can stare at cup designs for dunno how long! Haha! A cup is a cup, no?? *pengz* 
Woah even got buffet sales booth 
Baby fell asleep success! So mummy & daddy can quickly shop before more crowd comes in~ 
Came here to check out playmats. We really need a good one coz baby is beginning to flip and wiggle so its safest to put him on the floor instead of in a swing or seat when Im away for awhile
I saw many people wearing Tulas! But nobody #TITW with me. One mom literally was so paiseh when I told her that her Carousel looks so cute lololll (Hope i din scare u!) 
The Happie Diaper booth which sells Tula is like SUPER CROWDED wow! 
Saw my Mummy group friend S! 
Back to more shoppingggg 
And the crowd is really chionging in~~~ I need to leave already! Giving me a headache oh my. 
So hubby baby & me headed for lunch! 
Happy baby who woke up! 
Happy me! Coz I ish hungryyy 
Fooood come sooooon
Cant wait to dig in~! 
But baby.... U cannot eat yet ah!!!!! 
U eat Sophie ba! 
Haha! 真可怜~! Kena eat rubber. 
And as expected... Little one KO-ed on the way home :) 
This is all I got! (Playmats also but they will deliver next week) Bleahhh nothing much hor. 
Went home, changed and let baby nap abit more then I went for kopi with my girlfriends! 
Near my place.. 112 Katong!
Cute cute handsome Tristan! 
Then this faceeee 
Mummy say other boy handsome you not happy is it..??!! Ok la ok la u this botak also quite cute laaa! 
Mummies & babies! 
Then my son kena kissed by kor kor! 
Force kiss hehe
Ok finally got people to #TITW with me yay!!!!! 
Wow its 7am! Actually wanted to post this last night but I was soooo tired I KO-ed just like my son like right after I watched the 9pm show! Gone are the days where I could go out at 10pm...... Now all I go is to dreamland *sigh* 
Someone pushing me off the bed soon! Ok bye bye! Another long day with the twins birthday party & a BBQ at night! Cya!!!! 
















































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