Baby Day Out at Din Tai Feng Lunch

Friday, September 11, 2015

[Personal] Last week I finally get to catch up with my good friend Kae & baby April (the cutest chubby ever!) at Din Tai Feng for some xiao long bao lunchie! 
Photo of damn crowded DTF coz it was the start of the school holidays! ... Which we conveniently forgotten til we got there and saw all the rambunctious kids running around. Then got one Ah ma. Not say I want to say Ah ma but this Ah ma hor, she squeeze inbetween us to sit down at the waiting area and even though both Kae & I are babywearing (no strollers or prams at all) this Ah ma call her grandkids to come sit next to her then they geh geh bump us OUT of our seats. *facepalm* I really dun mind giving up the chair and carry my 9.5kg baby while STANDING so your 10 yr old grandkid can sit and play iphone but please dun allow them to push us when we are holding our babies (I took Roy out of the tula and he was on my lap). And then give me a look like the whole world should give them a seat. I see u Ah ma thats why I dun want anythingggg arh! Want to sit I let ur whole family sit~!!! I can stand!! Take it as exercise nia lor. 

Heng heaven very kind to us coz right after that we got our table quickly :p
My son touch girl legggg!!! 
Song bo??? I caught u in action!
April baby de 四片! 
I realized my son #forever look unimpressed. 
Beng is beng. 
Baby shot! 
And mummy shopping in Mothercare after lunch! Missing you already baby April! Playdate soon! Kisses xx 
Happy polling day everybody! 
p.s Im so sorry for your loss K, hugs and I'll be here for you. Catch up when u're back. 










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