Meet Up Day at The Sushi Bar

Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Happy Haze-day.. I mean Holiday! Hahaha! Wah kaoz the haze is like super duper bad can?? I've been cooping up at home like nobody's business but with Baby starting solids and beginning to flip and learning to crawl (by crawl I mean he flips over and kicks!) - its been nothing but busy busy for me! Just last week he fell down from the bed! Mom guilt!!! So I cant really keep my eyes off him now... 
Meet Up Day at The Sushi Bar 
On the very day we had "some" sunshine... I met my beloved ex colleagues for lunch!! Yay! Miss talking to them in person and catching up 
Hahahaha baby with the hat his Daddy bought him..... 
Selfie!!! Finally I get to wear makeup and go out!!!!! 
Check out his hand.... Like he pretend to act one innocent... But~ 
*facepalm* Thankyouverymuch. Eat tiger. 

And THIS FACE when I kiamp tiger back and dun let him bite. Zzzz 
Here we are!!!!! 
Baby looking terrified at aunties trying to pinch his face..... 
"Mama help~~!!!" (Lolllll I didnt)
I like the food there! Its just quite fuss-free Japanese food with really delicious maki rolls. The service at Taka is wayyy better than their original branch in Far East thats why I much prefer to come here. Seating is more spacious too. Im just terrified of knocking into people while eating at Far East! The seats are soooo close together that I'm always unintentionally eavesdropping on my fellow diners' convo.... 
Hug hug time with Aunty Shar! 
Baby not impressed with his prep Beer talk by (Grand)papa Les.
Then a group pic!!!! 54K... And missing some. 
Rainbow day! Oh when will I see clear skies again........ 
Back soon! xo 

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