Snack Snack at The Coastal Settlement

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

[Personal] Arghhh the second time Im writing this coz my internet went kuku on me & I blog from my hp so it wasnt auto saved. #LastwarningStarhub -- On weekends we like to go makan with baby and friends! Last Saturday after the twins birthday party at Changi, we popped by The Coastal Settlement for desserts! Actually we had SPAM FRIESSSS and this entry is because I glanced at my hp photo gallery and remembered the AWESOME spam fries with ketchup and truffle mayo we had! Zomg want to fry them nowww at home! 
Used some to disturb this greedy boy 
Check out the look on his face like GIMME SPAM FRIESSS NOW

The Coastal Settlement 
Its hubby's first time there and when we drove up to the carpark he went "Is it closed??" Then I said, "No la it just looks like this." And then he said "Why look like karang guni house??" Hahahaha idiot i cant even ~
Actually the bar area quite nice ok dun like that say people restaurant 
Who used this Nokia before? Raise your hand please 
The Casio gold watch oh myyyy i feel old thanks 
But I like how retro the place looks! 
Mediacorp show The Journey should have filmed here hor
Even baby went Wowwww 
Got Vespa 
The foooood 
Spam spam fries *lame* 
Actually the food wasnt fantastic but good enough and had quite a variety. The service however was thumbs up. Very prompt and generous with free water refills (very impt to me ok!) The young local staff was very helpful in getting us a babychair and also extra orders like ketchup and mayo! Brownie points for all these extras. I cant stand when establishments are so stingy with water or ketchup like please la it enhances my meal who dun eat ketchup with fries. 
Wefie with baby! Oh oh and im doing up a post with a mini giveaway! Yay! So thankful for everyone who dropped by this small blog~ hope u'll like the small giveaway too. Ok got to go! Baby realized that Im holding my hp and he's trying to grab it away from me. On top of that he just poo-ed so I have to change him like right nowwww! Ok back soon! 

















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