It was my Birthday

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

[Personal] December is my favorite month! Because I love Christmas, love the getting together, the family time and thankgiving for the last month of the year before we usher in a brand new year. And of coz.. The start of december means an end of November. Which was my birthday :) 
A Surprise
Unlike most of my birthdays where I'll usually hold a party, its quiet this year coz Baby E was feeling unwell and I didnt want to risk last minute cancelling if he didnt recover by then. And also.... I guess its not longer fun to announce age after you hit a certain number lol. But Im thankful. Thankful that my besties took time to surprise me with a birthday lunch!
My hubby made me go all the way to Orchard on pretext of getting something for his mum's birthday (its next week) - so I gong gong go lor. I mean.. Shopping mah! Of coz I dun mind! HAHAHA

Reached Paragon and suddenly my hubby said.. "Do u see something??" To which I went.. "See WHAT sial???" (Im near-sighted with abt 750 degrees so even with contacts I can be quite blind and blur) 
With my both LOVES! My son and Godson this year celebrating my birthday for me! 
Btw damn damn difficult like wan to die difficult to get BOTH boys to look into camera 
Godson sibeh happy to sing me birthday song becox... He beo my chocolate cupcake damn long liao thks think I dunno izzit 
Group pic! 
Super grateful for my BFFs! Although Im so busy with Elroy.. They never forget me ya! 
My wish this year is love, happiness and HEALTH for everyone. 
Very very grateful for everything and everyone in my life. My closest support system, ever. For tat, Im 100% thankful. 
Back soon. xx 

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  2. It was so lovely birthday party. Hope you had great time on your birthday! Last year I had a blasting birthday bash at one of my favorite NYC venues but this year I celebrated birthday only with family at home. Well, it was also an enjoyable day!

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