Elroy's Expired BreastMilk Bath - Totally Weaned at 27 Months

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Im not sure if I actually shared this but yes, my toddler was breastfed til he made his own choice and self-weaned about a month back. I didnt purposely make this decision for him though. I just wanted him to take the lead on his own accord although i did wean him from night feeds when he turned 2 coz I felt that he was latching more for comfort instead of needing to drink milk. 
Elroy's Expired BreastMilk Bath - Totally Weaned at 27 Months
When I posted this on a local Breastfeeding group, the most common question was - How did he wean? Im not actually sure too, it was a rather gradual and gentle process over time with me reducing milk feeds, introducing fresh cow's milk and yogurt/cheese during meal times although the night weaning had to be cold-turkey (since he was only drinking like once or twice a night anyways). I had to tell the husband to ignore any cries or whining while I try to deal with it on my own, but thankfully after a couple of nights of protesting.. he fell back to sleep and that's just it .. I guess. For more info on Night Weaning, perhaps you can take a look at the article : Here (Click Here) 
I used to pump when he was younger but mainly coz I had an oversupply when Elroy started sleeping longer hours. I also have a separate chest freezer for the frozen milk which I *thought* that maybe I could feed him with when Im not around but alas, the boy has his own thinking and rejected ALL frozen milk. *insert 😑 emoji now* I remember there was once where I had to attend a wedding and my husband offered him thawed milk and guess what - the son rather go hungry, cry the house down and wait for me to come home. So yeaps.. all these milk expired as time went by with nobody to drink lor. 
Since we are clearing the fridge... Expired Breastmilk Bath! 💪
The toddler was so excited to see all the milk and he had so much fun! I asked him, "Do you remember drinking Mama's Neh neh?" And he replied "YES!" Then I said, "Do you want to drink neh neh or cow's milk?" And then he happily said without a thought - "COW'S MILK!!!!" Gua gua gua ~ crow fly pass. Se mo yi si ma ni .....😒
Truthfully its a rather bitter-sweet moment for me though ........... I loved breastfeeding and Im a huge advocate although I usually try to keep my comments to myself because I dont really want people to think that Im such a BF Nazi or crazy loony. The only reason why I breastfed is that it was convenient (no need to make milk!) and that I love the closeness and how Elroy will snuggle his little head near me and smell me. Til now.. he still smells me although he doesnt drink but really, thats so sweet awwww.
This was when Elroy was only 2 months old! Never thought I will come this far.. I really wanted to stop when he turned 1 but I guess it was more like, 'we'll talk about it tomorrow..' when people asked me when I will offer formula instead.. or its just such a routine for the both of us that we never got round to doing it any other way. 😊
In fact we got so comfortable nursing in a Tula that it became so normal and that my husband couldnt even tell when he was sleeping or when he was drinking milk ... *pic below*
Penning this down marks the end of our wonderful breastfeeding journey. One that is so lovely, I wouldn't change it for the world - despite what other people think. 💋
Thank you for being my child - Mummy loves you so much! Always remember that 💗
**Edited to add : There is no 'best' way to feed your baby, whichever route you choose - is best. 

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