Eyelash Extensions At Milly's - The Experience 

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

It's been such a long time since I did my eyelash extensions because obasan housewife like me usually dun need to look so chio since I'm always dressed down in shorts and T-shirt and wearing my coke bottle thick thick spectacles everyday anyways
BUT! I have an upcoming family holiday and I tell u the last time I used my fake lashes everyday on my holiday I developed eyelid swelling and almost eczema 😪 coz I was applying the eyelash glue so often. The fake lash glue that Im using is fine if I use it occasionally but dunno why if I apply it like non-stop then my eyes swell up sial. I literally had to stop using my fake lashes while on holiday, spam moisturizer and wore glasses til it got better. Then my husband can rub it in and say "Who ask you so vain everyday put eyelash" #MEN 😒
Eyelash Extensions At Milly's - The Experience
So this time round wo bu yao le. Decided to make an appointment at Milly's to get my lashes and mani/pedi all at once done mei mei before flying off. Wheeeeeee 💓
Actually hor I always do their $20 single color gelish mani coz chop chop curry pok do and go - but now they have a July promo dan wu hua, $38 for even chio-er nail styles like Galaxy, Chrome and Hologram nails. #DUNSAYIBOJIO
I have not been doing eyelash extensions for so long that I have lost touch with all the fancy names that the industry has now. But I go back to doing what I know will last me the longest - CLUSTER LASH! 
After a short lash consultation with my therapist Wenying, I decided to go for Black Diamond A $80 style, with a mix of 10mm for a natural look. 
Eyelash extensions usually take around 30-45 mins for cluster lashes and a slightly longer time frame for single lashes but it feels faster coz we usually chat a little and before I know it, it's done!
The Process 
Try to arrive without any eye makeup so the therapist dun have to remove your makeup before applying the lashes. 
Once its done, wait patiently for the glue to dry completely (they will hand you a mini fan) before opening your eyes! I had some redness in my eyes once finished but it went away very quickly right after. Blink and see it anywhere hurts so the therapist can check and help adjust.
Remember to blink and blink! Some tightness is expected but the extensions will loosen up and you will feel almost weightless after a day or two. On average, eyelash extensions will last around 3 weeks and usually I will touch up after 3 weeks so it can last me for another 2-3 weeks at least. Do try to take care of your extensions by not using any oil-based products around your eye area. or makeup like mascara on your extensions! #duhz lol 
So glad to wake up ready to face the world 💃and my makeup routine now takes like what, 3 mins coz I dun need to fiddle with fake eyelashes anymoreeee! The only thing is that I have to constantly remind myself NOT to rub my eyes and I need to be extra careful when Im removing my eye makeup and contact lens but I think its worth the special occasion like my upcoming holiday coz I get to sleep in longer instead of worrying about makeup. Great for beach holidays also if you wanna take chio chio selfies sans makeup then ok la, at least got some eyelash extensions so wouldn't look like half dead asleep everyday. 
Will update more in my instagram and insta-stories! Cant wait for the weekend to come xo
For more info, please head to : http://millys.com.sg

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