A Not-So-Little Announcement (Yes! 33 Weeks and counting)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I guess the only way I can explain all the weight gain.... YES WE'RE EXPECTING BABY NO.2!
Im sorry if you all - suspected/dont dare ask/been guessing/totally oblivious/ blur-like-sotong/huh-simi-taiji til now... but yes Im in my 3rd trimester and almost bursting out of this bikini when I badgered my hub to take a shot for my during our recent staycation. 
To be honest I didnt really mean for it to be a secret or anything. I was open to anyone who asked LOL but I mean its our second baby, so we just took it rather easy this time round. (Sorry No.2) 
For Elroy I remember we took some pictures and then announced it even before that bump was obvious, but I guess coz it was our first and then we were praying for a baby for some time. No.2 is a complete surprise and definitely God's Gift and we are so grateful to be blessed with another. 👶
The Gist
I remember it was Chinese New Year and I was feeling really tired and forgetful. I attributed it to the festive season and lack of sleep preparing for the new year and what-not. I did feel bloated but also, I thought it was all the pigging on food during the many gatherings that we went but when my period didnt come (Im usually very 'spot-on'.) I had to get myself a pregnancy kit .. pronto! Then this happened. 
I was shaking while trying to message my hub who was in the office I remember very vividly tat Elroy walked into the toilet and asked me innocently "Mama what this?" 😅
So it's a new beginning of a new life 
Im so glad to share my joy with everyone and looking forward to meeting the newest addition to our small family! Thank you all for the love~ 💓
Back soon xx
 “Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.”

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