Launch of The *NEW* Hysses (Formerly Known as Mt Sapola)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Although Im kinda heavily pregnant now, I still love attending events when I have the chance and seeing media friends, catching up. Most importantly I love to #SupportLocal brands and at the most recent launch of the rebranding of Mt Sapola to HYSSES - I got to know more about the brand that the founder Ms Cheryl Gan launched ten years ago.
Launch of The *NEW* Hysses (Formerly Known as Mt Sapola)
For the past decade, many of you have known Mt. Sapola. This transformation is a key milestone and a defining moment as they proudly present themselves as HYSSES.
(pronounced as “hi-sirs”)
This re-branding exercise is a representative of its successful and ongoing transition to a company well beyond its minimalist spa-at-home heritage. 
Question : What other changes will there be and how does it affect you – the customers?
VIPs will continue to enjoy 10% off regular-priced items and a one-time 20% discount during the month of their birthdays.
Note : All Mt. Sapola shops in Singapore and Malaysia will be undergoing gradual renovations to the sparkling new HYSSES boutiques. Complete transformations will be completed by end of Q3 2017.
The Story and Name
HYSSES (乡术, meaning ‘arts from the village’) embodies a pure and authentic sense of preserving nature, heritage and appreciation for the native communities that have helped shape and broaden our journey. Like the unique DNA of every plant and composition of every sandstone, HYSSES was created organically and inspired by the wisdom of nature.
HYSSES scour the many corners of the earth to bring you the best of East and West, handpicking their ingredients from native sources where they thrive under naturally optimum environments and the seasoned hands of indigenous people. Each HYSSES product is consciously designed to honour its quality as much as it pays tribute to its roots to deliver the treasures of the earth into your hands.
When Nature Pampers, it’s undeniably HYSSES. 
Media Launch At Gardens By The Bay 
Arriving at the event, we were ushered into the Pollen where they have closed it specially for the HYSSES event - each of us was given a "passport" and we need to visit each 'country' before moving on to the next! And at every station we have something to do to get our item ~ Exciting!
Drawing! I love how we could be free and everyone drew whatever they wanted and colored it so beautifully that the end result looked so gorgeous! I forgot to take a picture of my Good Luck Charm but it paled in comparison to the rest of the drawings! 
Moving on to the next station, we could pick and 'design' our personal Room Spray to bring home! There were several popular essential oils but I chose one of my favorite EOs - Geranium by creating the base note before I added some others like Lemongrass and Lavender to create the perfect relaxing spray for myself! 💆
Hiiiiii 😁
After completing all the 'stations' we were treated to a sumptuous lunch at the restaurant Pollen :)
Every dish looked like a delectable garden of edible flowers by mixing delicious colorful herbs and fruits! Innovative dishes at its best. 👍
I enjoyed this appetizer a lot! The sweet and the savory taste exploded in my mouth the moment I took a bite and the keropok (LOL) was addictive!  
Pollen Garden 
Salmon - Yuzu and Grapefruit 
Iberico Pork Collar
Ms Cheryl Gan's opening speech 
I had such an enjoyable time at the HYSSES launch and thank you WOM PR for the lovely invite once again! Looking forward to using the newly launched products which include skincare and bodycare. 💗
HYSSES LEMONGRASS SPECIAL for the month of August
10 years ago, Mt. Sapola Singapore opened its first boutique. Today, they can be found at 14 locations in Singapore alone, thanks to your support. Just as they've stayed true to their values over the years, their lemongrass scent will remain a HYSSES signature. To mark the start of our journey as HYSSES, all lemongrass items will retail at very special prices for the entire month of August. 
Terms and conditions apply. Visit Hysses boutiques at these locations:
My personalized room scent!
This Verbena Rose hand lotion really really smells very good its so addictive! I keep using it then smelling my own hands LOLOLOL
My 'Lucky Room Charm'! Simply drop 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil on the ceramic plate, leave in the box provided overnight and enjoy the scent by hanging it in your room!
Thanks for looking! xo
For more info. please head to:
HYSSES Website :
HYSSES Facebook Page :

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