Elroy's Play Area New Flisat Table from IKEA + Bag For Fun (BFF) SG Review

Monday, January 22, 2018

To say that I was busy over the weekend was an understatement. 😆 Not only did I have a mini helper drama earlier in the week (we sent her back) - it was the same week I decided to get the Flisat Table from IKEA to add to the toddler's play area (See previous post here) The table was a breeze to set-up, yay! Cleaned up the play area and here we go!
Elroy's Play Area New Flisat Table From IKEA
Ever since Elroy started school, I have been wanting to get him a practical study table where by he can do some reading or painting since he like doing art and craft. You know, the usual toddler stuff.
What I like most about the Flisat Table from IKEA is how sturdy it is, and look at the legs of the table. I can adjust the height accordingly as he grows. So this is definitely value-for-money in the long run! 
Bag For Fun (BFF) SG Review
Bag For Fun (BFF) delivers convenience in an all-you-need busy box filled with educational resources for creating fun memories with your children. Perfect for 1.5 - 6 year olds, Bag For Fun create their own storybooks so that they're appropriate for kids. Activities are then designed based on the stories/themes to encourage active learning and discovery of the world.
Created by Moms, reviewed by experts, tested on children.
This fun yet educational busy box came with a lot of goodies! 
This Box 1 comes with 6 different activities and for this box - there is an interesting book to read, along with several activities! The story in the book relates directly to the activity that you can do with your child.
Each activity is conveniently packed into one bag, so there is minimal mess and it all comes with instructions to walk you through on what the items are for exactly. 
A colorful mess on his new table! Im excited!
I wouldn't be going into exact details on the activities coz I want to keep an element of surprise if you decide to get one for your kid, or perhaps gift it to a special little loved one. 
Elroy is intrigued! The first thing he grabbed with the conical flask and told me he wanted to pour water into the cups. Good way to develop hand and eye coordination. In addition, we got to learn interesting information like, "What is the color of copper after it has been submerged in the solution, eg. water + soap." 
I also love how Bag For Fun thinks about doing stuff together with Mummy too! Elroy grabbed the colorful containers that we can make our unique and personalized friendship bands and there is a small surprise packet inside! (Will reveal it in my IG's Instastories!)
Each theme spans across 3 busy boxes. Bag For Fun takes effort to ensure that activities under a theme will cover all 7 main learning areas, relevant to the developmental progress of children at their age. We were kept busy at the new table for awhile! I miss doing stuff with my toddler especially ever since the baby brother came along. I loved connecting with the older brother through play and he kept asking to me read the story to him. I guess he missed having my full attention, too. 😙
Each Bag For Fun Box will cost $39, and all readers can simply quote [Elaine10] for 10% off. To purchase, please head to : https://shopee.sg/Edu-Fun-Bag-For-Fun-(1st-Box)-BOND-LEARN-WITH-YOUR-CHILDREN-(1.5-6-y.o.)-i.47307927.747281792
For more information, please head to :
Bag For Fun (SG) Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/bagforfunbff.sg/

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