My Favorite Postpartum Nursing Wear + Hello 2018!

Monday, January 08, 2018

One week into 2018 already?? My resolution is to post more pictures here in the blog ... lol. Time is flying by at an extremely alarming rate I must say. Turning 35 last year was a pivotal point in my life.  No longer will I deal with stupid or shitty people because, aint no time for regrets. Just wanna spend my life as meaningfully with the people who really cares. Unfortunately as much as I hate to admit it - I think I have been a really bad friend to say the least. I no longer go out on a whim, I turn down dinner dates and I cant head to high tea as often as I did before. With a toddler and a 3 month old baby - my priorities shifted so much that I think even my family are amazed with how homely I've become. To imagine that I used to live out of a suitcase and head to places like New York every month in the past. Now I think I dun even go to Orchard anymore ... Thats my life as a SAHM I guess. People make choices. They choose what to eat, what to say and what to do. I chose to put my family and kids first. Im sorry to my friends but I really hope that they will wait for me. It might be selfish to hope so.. but I'll carry on hoping. 
My Favorite Postpartum Nursing Wear
I nursed the older toddler til he self-weaned at 27 months, presumably due to the fact that I was pregnant then and perhaps it was the hormones or maybe he just got sick of me lol. But with the breastfeeding still going gamestrong for baby #2, I take in comfort that I can shop for even more nursing clothes with my favorite maternity retailer - JumpEatCry
If you intend to nurse your baby, such dresses are a God-sent I tell you. I no longer need to look for places for me to feed my baby and I often babywear and breastfeed at the same time. Its super discreet and nobody even knows that baby is drinking milk! Crazy convenient really. 
This Blue Nelya Ribbed Knit Nursing Dress (Quote SUGAR73 for 10% off) is one of my most preferred styles as its super thin and stretchy which works perfect for pregnant bumps to postpartum nursing mummies like me. I still need to work on the weight loss but my shapewear from Envy Her Singapore (Quote ELAINE25% for 25% off) works well to contour my body in figure hugging clothes. I also get all my gorgeous maternity bras from them ( because the lacy ones look so pretty, they make my mood all good despite feeling uncomfortable from engorgement sometimes! Life's too short to wear ugly underwear 😂 
Instead of saying that I resolve to wear lesser makeup in 2018, I think I want to go all opposite and say I will wear more makeup because I hardly get to go out! LOLOL Im taking a rest with my usual eyelash extensions at Millys so Im using my most comfortable falsies from Muse & Co Beauty. I think I'll leave my hair long this year before thinking what color to do next, but my stylist Bryan from Zeal Salon is having a current promo of $88 for cut and color if you are ever interested!  
Need to head to bed soon! More personal posts to come, I hope? :)
God bless! Have a lovely 2018 everyone!

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