Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Review

Monday, January 29, 2018

I wished I had Tian Wei Signature confinement food when I had my older son. When my confinement nanny left, I wanted to continue having delicious confinement food at the comfort at my own home because as a new mummy I was very overwhelmed with mummy duties and looking after the newborn I couldn't really find the time to sleep, let alone cook. Although I stay with my inlaws, nobody really knew how to cook nutritious confinement meals to boost my milk supply and nourish my body after childbirth, so I ordered confinement meals from another company (you can message me if you would like to know which company was that) but the food was so awful and unappetizing, it came cold and late every other day - I gave up after a week! Luckily I ordered the trial so I cut my losses in time. #Truestory This time round, Im so thankful I had Tian Wei Signature so I really have to share this with everyone!
Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Review 
Postpartum confinement food consists of daily meals designed to steer and recondition the mother’s body for a better recovery after childbirth. Recovery is a gradual process and the confinement period can vary between 28 to 40 days depending on the individual needs of the mom. Part of the recuperation process lies in the right type of food consumed, where the necessary nutrients are absorbed to restore the body’s original state of vitality and health.
Do you know that the most crucial window period is during confinement where the mother needs to heal and gain strength? So eating right is most vital during this time! Nutritious confinement food also ensures you are getting adequate nutrients and health benefits to energize and if you are breastfeeding, you need to consume healthy food to boost your milk supply. 
Tian Wei Signatures has a NEW and improved menu that I just tried last week! Even though I’m 3 months postpartum now.. I can’t help but drool over the delicious Confinement food! Miss the food so much! I even miss the Red date tea with Logan! 
To highlight some of my favorites from the menu, the Fortune herbal chicken consist of one big juicy chicken thigh and it was really delicious! The aroma of the herbal penetrated the meat succulently without leaving any bitter aftertaste. 
In addition, the Green papaya fish soup is my ABSOLUTE favorite soup la! When I saw it I actually squealed in delight. Because I dun drink it all the time, so I relish every single drop ~ do you know that is a great milk booster too? Lastly my meal ended on the great note with their Sweet potato longan ginger soup which is comforting and not overly sweet. I like! 
My toddler always tries to steal my food.... LOL
My delectable lunch! Portion shown here is for trial only, do scroll down to see actual food portions. (Very good portions, full of ingredients!) 
During My Confinement 
These are from my previous Confinement period #ThrowbackPictures 
 Tian Wei Signatures believe confinement food must be interesting and enjoyable. Thus, in the third and fourth weeks, Japanese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean inspired dishes using traditional confinement ingredient would be added in the menu to spices up your confinement.
I really looked forward to my meals everyday :) 
All food choices are carefully selected and specially prepared with thoughtful consideration. If you have any food allergies, you can simply drop them a note or call them to let them know. In fact their customer service is really fabulous, and Im not paid to say this. 
One of my favorite confinement dishes! Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar that I absolutely love eating it over rice
I was quite impressed with their fusion food too! After having Chinese food for so long, this spaghetti was a warm welcome during my extended confinement!
You can take a look at their delectable menu here : https://www.tianweisignature.com/confinement-food-menu/
I’m very particular about my soups and Tian Wei Signature never disappoints! If you look at the ingredients after I finished my soup, you can see how generous they are with the food portions!
Around half the bowl is full of “liao” ~ oh my goodness 😋 Tian Wei Signature also has a No-MSG rule, so every dish is wholesome and healthy.
Special Discount Code 
Quote [Elaine73] for $148 off their 28 Day Double Package, valid til 30th June 2018. For more information about their packages, head to : https://www.tianweisignature.com/confinement-meal-booking/
I cant recommend Tian Wei Signature highly enough, their customer service is top-notch even though sometimes I call them so last minute (sorry!) but they are always friendly and try their best to accede to my requests. The food is also always warm when it arrives and as you can see from my pictures, food portions are generous so there are no complains really! If you have any doubts, do consider giving their trial session a try before you pop so you can have a taste for yourself and then decide 😊
For more info, please head to :
Tian Wei Signatures Website : https://www.tianweisignature.com
Tian Wei Signatures Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/tianweisignaturesg/

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