Tim Ho Wan with the Girls and Baby Elric

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trying to stick to my new year resolution of posting more! Everyday I thank my lucky stars to have such adorable boys, really. I could only pray for everyone around me to be healthy and never sweat the small stuff. I know some people tell me - Oh! you want another baby? You are very brave! (Yes I agree) but I would love a big family. Growing up, I was the only child and although my parents love me alot, I always wonder how its like to have another sibling. I will be ever grateful and glad to have another chance to add on to the brood and add some color plus alot of noise to our lives and hearts I guess! 💓
Tim Ho Wan with the Girls and Baby Elric
Am actually solo parenting again this week and the hub flew off soon after this picture was taken. I headed out to meet my girlfriends for a quick brunch at Tim Ho Wan before picking the toddler from school. 
Honestly while I like the food at Tim Ho Wan, I do feel that the menu selection is some what too limited and there is not enough variety to fill me up! Im awfully greedy as my friends can attest to, coz I will order everything available and force feed them
Mayo prawn
The steam cake is my favorite!
Chubby with the aunties!
A smile finally!
And here's my simple OOTD - Can you guess that Im nursing while babywearing? 😊
Had a quick meal and rushed to pick Elroy from school and put the both down for a nap :) No doubt Im always strapped for time (never enough!) and doing stuff for the kids, but looking at them sleeping, my heart is so so full. It will be worth it .. it will be. 👐
p.s More on the boys in my insta-stories (@sugar73) daily!

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