Starnic 3D GEM Bio-Cellulose Mask Plus+ From Taiwan Review

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

One of my daily indulgences is to mask as often as I can. I religiously apply skincare and sunblock everyday, so masking is no exception. I know people who mask once or twice a month (and thats if they remember to, well I was like tat in the past lol) but really - the only way to have really good hydrated skin and try to reverse aging is to mask as much as you can. Think of it as a mini relaxation time to supercharge yourself - while benefiting your precious skin. 💓
Starnic 3D GEM Bio-Cellulose Mask Plus+ From Taiwan Review 
 Sheet masks are the most convenient and quick fix for my skin on days when I really feel that I dont have much time. Simply tear and apply on clean skin. Dont even need too much effort and clean up haha! 👍
Starnic, one of the top medi-beauty brands - has 10 clinics in Taiwan and over 100k fans on Facebook. The Starnic 3D GEM Bio-Cellulose Mask Plus+ boosts an innovative 3D bio-cellulose mask to fit the face perfect and has ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Wusheng Peptide, Sweet Almond Extract to name a few. This mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Opening the mask pack, I could smell a faint whiff of rose scent from the serum
Trivia : Do you know what Biocellulose is?
Answer : It is a super thin, natural fiber with a diameter of 20 nanometers - 1000 times thinner than the average human hair and originally created to treat severe burns and wounds but has now progressed to be used in beauty treatments such as in sheet masks. 
The Starnic Bio-Cellulose mask is well soaked with serum and adheres perfectly on skin without dropping. I could go about doing my daily errands and it doesnt fall off at all :)
Before and After - Zero filter
My skin was feeling a little dry after the staycation that we just had (though I masked everyday during our hotel stay but the dry air in the room made my skin feel tight) And if you zoom in on my Before pic, I  had a small raised red bump that felt like it was going to turn into a pimple (oh the horror ~) but after Starnic 3D Gem, the redness toned down and after 2 days of masking with Starnic, it totally went away. Skin looked brighter and I used the excess serum in the mask pack to apply on my skin and neck before applying my normal skincare, so no wastage at all! 
Do you also know that you can apply the excess serum on skin BEFORE masking? Apply then place mask over skin because by using the Bio-cellulose mask, all the goodness of the serum and mask benefits will be locked into skin for deeper hydration and luminosity 💋 
The Starnic 3D GEM Bio-Cellulose Mask Plus+ usually retails for S$70 per box but as a special promo for my readers - It will only be S$59 with free shipping.
Thanks for looking!

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