HongKong Part II

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey hey everyone ~! Hows the weekend coming along?
Betcha must be busy with going out, eating, shopping and dating!

I love weekends - I love sleeping in and yes.. waking up to Jungle Boy's nonsense.
This morning, he was looking for our house keys in my bag coz he left his set in the car.

Jungle Boy: Why you got sooooo big bag but no keys??
Me: Ask me! Ask me! Its here! (Opens another bag to take keys out)
Jungle Boy: U dun put ur keys in ur neeeew bag but u put in laundry bag??
Jungle Boy: *sigh* Women...

Heehee.. Ok I admit.. it's supposed to be a laundry bag but I found it so cute I put other things in, cannot meh??



Ok! Back to HongKong Part II ya!

On the 3rd day in Hongkong, we left the hotel for Ocean Park!
It was Wendy's actual birthday and we forgo going to DisneyLand coz it was too far, and we heard it was very small too.

So it was Ocean Park, we went!

Ocean Park is a Recreation Park in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. The marine-themed amusement park covers the area of Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan, and is located in Hong Kong. Public can go to Ocean Park by taxi or Citybus.
The theme park currently has over 14 rides and other attractions such as aquariums. Besides housing two roller coasters, Ocean Park also features a Giant panda exhibit, a jelly fish and Chinese sturgeon aquarium, as well as a four-story aquarium displaying more than 2000 fish. The official mascot of Ocean Park is "Whiskers"—a waving sealion.
Besides being an amusement park, Ocean Park Hong Kong also operates observatories, well developed laboratories, an education department and a Whales And Dolphins Fund.

It started drizzling by the time we got to the park, but the sun was shining hence we still decided to carry on and go in.
Hugeeee mistake.
But more on that later.

I've been to Ocean Park a long time ago, when I was just a little girl on tour with my family.
I remembered it being very fun, with lotsa rides, and many sea creatures to see.
But then again, that was so many years ago and coming back again, I realised most of the exterior from the outside looked similar.
It was kinda like re-visiting the 80s, hee.

So naturally, with me being older now, I didnt expect too much from a theme park which looked like it was stuck in a time capsule 20 years ago.

But BFF wants to go, BFF gets to go.

But one thing didnt change, thankfully.

The view!
I love picturesque views in different countries.. I like breathing in the fresh air and admiring the wonders of the world.

Candid shot courtesy of Wendy...

Ocean Park

When we went to Ocean Park, there were surprisingly only a handful of tourists.
We thought that it was maybe the weather, or maybe recession.. thats why there were so little people.

And since the rain had stopped, we took a roller-coaster ride and continued our journey in Ocean Park.
Being a rather big place, we had to go up countless escalators and walked long winding roads to go to a big theater to watch the sealions n dolphins LIVE show.


There were thousands n thousands of you-know-which-country people pushing, screaming and jostling to get a seat in the huge arena.
The staff from Ocean Park were literally shouting to keep order and as if it wasnt already such a joke to see sooooo many people in one place.. it had to rain right at the very moment we got there.

I nearly fainted.

So there were three very (-_-)'' Singaporean faces.

We had no umbrella, no seats, not much shelther and definately zero chance to get out of that place dry.

But since we were there, Wendy & Debra jie tried to catch the show, albeit standing up amongst the humogous crowd.
But too bad the kiasu-ness in us were very much defeated becoz the two of them got quite bruised from all the poking, pressing, prodding and elbowing our very kind comrades handed out to us.

Appalled by the lack of civic-mindedness, we had rain splashed on us, umbrellas opening in our faces and kids kicking us while the parents carrying them were in total oblivion.

So we planned an escape.
Armed with a very thin poncho which we had to buy there, we had to completely throw whatever image we had down the drain by retaliating tit-for-tat, push-for-shove.

I think I was literally shouting to the girls, " Push! Push! Push! Nobody knows u in Hongkong laaaa!"

It was an absolute nightmare but extremely hilarious coz once we got out of there - we started laughing our heads off.
I think this would be such a funny story to tell our kids in future.

Extremely wet and hungry, we went for dinner, changed into dry shoes back at the hotel and continued shopping!
We even caught a really funny Catergory III movie and spent the night giggling in the cinema.

The next day, we headed back home.

I had absolutely enjoyed myself so much so we're planning another holiday.. hopefully soon!
Think I put on 2kg alone from the dim sum dim sum everyday!

Okies, back to the real life already.
Got to work so very hard!

Take care all, God bless.



yixuan: Thank u! The old one had some problem so had to change to another layout. Thank u for liking it! I think its pretty too! :)

cupcake: Thank u sweets! I usually get my clothes from night markets in Taipei, HongKong, Korea, BKK etc. They are inexpensive and easy to wear with either pants or jeans. :)

polarie: Heehe! Yes! The ice milk is very very yummy! :D

jo: Hi jo! Do u use Picasa or Picasa 3? I think Picasa 3 is a new and updated version, thus they have more features. Try to download Picasa 3 by googling it on the web. HTHS!

itzmoiz: Thank u so much babe! I got my chiffon top from Shilin nightmarket in Taipei recently! Only $12! I love buying cheap clothes! :)

Jacq: Hi babe how r u! No leh.... I wasnt in Singapore that day..

fan: Hello! Thank u! I dun use whitening products regularly, but I use sunscreen daily.

coco: Hi hi! I dun do facial regularly becoz I do it myself at home. I usually only have a facial once every 3-4 months for some deep cleansing when I have the time.
Maybe I should post a facial regime next time if I can?? :D

june: Oh god I miss taipei again!! N yesh the smelly tofu not smelly at all rite! :D

megan: Heehe! Hope u have a nice haircut there ya! :D It cost ard $75 that time coz the exchange rate was pretty high then. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

I admit it’s tempting to wish for the perfect boss, or the perfect parent, or the perfect outfit, but maybe the best any of us can do is not quit. Play the hand we’ve been given and accessorize the outfit we’ve got.

- Sex & the City

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