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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hi guys!
Im surprised at the number of tags after my post on the Cayenne Pepper Drink!
Dun worry, I'll try to reply all questions at the end of post.

Last night was a blast at my ex-colleague's place near Mt Faber where we had a small meet-up session with some current colleagues, their respective spouses & some ex-colleagues who had left a long time ago.

Im glad to have made really good friends in the company, and I sincerely hope that even if I would have to quit one day, we will all still remain as friends.

But the best part of the evening was playing with their babies!

I hate it when their mummies make fun of me and make the babies try to call me Auntie, but I lurveeee smelling babies and pinching their cheeks.

They are the cutest little things ever and greatest creations by The Lord.
God bless them and may they grow up healthy & happy always.

And... I also want one someday!

Bye guys, have to go work soon!
God bless.


Tags replied!

Anon: No problem! I love sharing tips so that everyone could try it and let me know how effective it is for them too. :)

anon: You can buy the ingredients from supermarkets to DIY the drink.

junkie: Hi babe, some of pictures of me with curled hair have been done in the salon, where I would go and do a wash & blow. However I do own a hair tong, but its from Japan, not currently sold in Singapore. Its brand is CREATE ION.

Fan: Im not fair at all! Hee! Im pretty tan, but the flash on my Sony is rather strong thats why I look so fair in pics! :p
The maple syrup is an alternative in maintaining sugar levels in ur body if u are going on the fast w/o any food consecutively. I've not done it as a fast, but my colleague has and she says its quite possible to go on it after u get pass the first 3 days. Hths!

junkie: Wahahaha! Good for u! Congrats on ur determination & do update me ya ~ !

yixuan: Ooops..sorry! :( But I tried changing the current tagboard's colours, do u think this is alright? :)

evilin32: Yes this is really inexpensive and I do hope it works for everyone. One word of caution thou, pls consult a doctor before embarking on any fast/diet etc.

wing: The prices are ard $15-$20 at Shilin, but sometimes u can try to bargain! N the weather is cool now, sometimes it might get alittle chilly at night but overall, its great! Hope u enjoy Taipei, it is one of my fav places of all times. :D

annie: U may simply use boiled water or use any mineral water as long as you are comfortable with it. :)

anon: Now, now lets be nice to each other ya? ;)

Ok bye all!
Got to go soon, back next week!
Love love.

God bless.

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