An overdue & a quickie!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hi guys, a fast one before I leave for to Paris tomorrow!

I have a million things to do later - pack bag, dinner with family, then disturbing Jungle Boy.
(Now you know why our favourite words to each other are, embarrassingly, -"Go awaaaay!")

Err, okay... enough paiseh details. :p

Here's long long overdue pictures from my dinner with family! (Before I cut my hair!)
We met up for a nice dinner with lotsa sake at Botan during the Chinese New Year week.

I call them my family coz we grew up together, with our parents being friends n all.

But unfortunately, we dun get to see each other as often as we like, for everyone are in different places all the time.
Crytal's back in Sydney, Jason n Jim's in New York now.
Fortunately Jamie lives across the street to me n its dinner later at her place, yay! :)

After the dinner that night, we went to do something I loved doing in New York.. Hooka-ing!
And then there were more drinks, of coz keke.

I miss them n I miss New York!
Cant wait to see all of them again.


12th March 09

Our regular BFF gathering!
(Btw, its Bad Friends Forever, not the normal ones coz we aint normal to begin with. Them, not me. :p)

We decided to do something different this time.
N also... it was a post-birthday celebration for Wendy.
So it was off to K-box, we go!

Birthday girl get to sing, we get to drink.

We got her a small Mango cake.. no durian coz she hates them.
I hope she likes her mini celebration coz we all did have so much fun, I almost laughed until I fell off the couch!

I went home with a hoarse voice, but feeling immensely blessed* to have such great friends.
Might be planning a BKK trip with the girls, I do pray it comes true!

I love shopping n eating n I lurve my girls.
Til then, au revoir everyone!

Take care, will be back soon.


Tags to be replied tonight!
Jungle Boy hungry. :(

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