Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hi everyone!
The weekend is coming along and Im (very sadly!) coming to the end of my very beloved leave.
I had so many things to do, people to meet and places to go that it was such a overwhelmingly great time!

But ho-ho.. now its back to reality and like everyone else, - back to work!

Jungle Boy surprised me with a dinner reservation last night when I was waiting for him to come home. (See previous post)

He wasnt even going to tell me where we were going even though I keep asking so I had to keep guessing by the direction he was driving to.

And just when I thought we were going to Vivocity, he made a left turn and we went straight to SENTOSA!

But it was perfect timing coz I was wearing my new top from ClubCouture!

And hence the many coconut trees behind me.

Many thanks to the kind people of ClubCouture for allowing me to pick any item I liked!

I chose a lacey corset, - matching it with my black cigarette pants.
These pants are a staple in my boring wardrobe, coz its so easy to match!

My new corset top looked exceptionally chic in pants and I wore nude heels to accentuate a sexy look.
(Ok... I mean I TRIED to look sexy la!)

Notice that I pinned up my fringe coz I didnt want to look too girly in them.
Corset tops are absolutely risqué clothes and they remind me of burlesque dancers ala the beautiful Dita Von Teese!

And if u quote ELAINE15 in ur order to CLUBCOUTURE, you get a whopping 15% discount off everything!
(Please make sure that the code is in capital letters. :D )

ClubCouture even have dresses, skirts and shorts up for grabs. If u spend more than $85, shipping is free!

I like how extremely professional they are and all orders are sent out via registered mail so that u can easily track ur item.
They even accept major credit cards so there is no hassle at all.

p.s u can even shop for clothes at 3am in the morning..!

Do remember to sign up for ClubCouture Fashion Flash where u get exclusive private sales and members only privileges!

What are you waiting for?

Click ClubCouture and starting shopping during the weekend ~

Take care all.
God bless.



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