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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Helloooo everybody!
Im so sorry for being busy coz I am..! :p

Being a jie-mei is not easy okie, been cracking brains finding ways to tekan the groom in order to get a BIG BIG ang pow.. (BFF bride.. if u are reading this can u help us hint the groom..?Thank u!)

Went to a BBQ recently, and becoz the weather is killing me - I chose something light and airy from ILOVEBEINGREAL!

Ilovebeingreal Webpage

I like loose, blousey tops paired with bootleg jeans.

Heart the colour totally.
Light Grey.
(Actual piece comes with a white tube top)

If tops are not your thing, rest assured that ILOVEBEINGREAL has tons of dresses that will suit any gal of any height and size!

I have a dress too.. but I'll post that next time!

Just quote "elaine73" along with ur orders to the team of ilovebeingreal and u get a cool TEN PERCENT.. YES.. 10% OF EVERYTHING!

And while u are there, simply join their mailing list and u get FREE NORMAL MAIL!

I reckon that its a really good deal coz I know that the people at ilovebeingreal are genuinely extremely sweet.
My clothes came within a working day and I had a lovely personalised note with washing instructions.

What r u waiting for?
Go take a look coz their 5th collection have just been launched!

Have fun shopping online, girls.
Til then,

God bless ~


Be a fan on their facebook at Ilovebeingreal facebook for latest updates & promotions!

Going to sleep liao coz later got panda at the wedding not bery nice.

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