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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Im sorry if I haven been updating, guys!
Been so so so busy at work then suddenly Jungle Boy came down with a flu.
Last night I sponged him to sleep even when I had to wake up at 5am!
Poor boy developed a sudden fever after taking his medicine n I was so worried!

I kept telling him," Hey! U kena Heee...neee is it!" (H1N1)
But he was too weak to even reply me.

Thank God he's better now.. n even had to go work this morning coz he's so busy these days.

I have pilates tomorrow noon and then I shall have a cuppa latte at Bakerzinn!
Am pretty addicted to their coffee nowadays ~ even went to Akashi with loves ones just now and coerced them into having desserts at Vivo's bakerzinn!

Dessets are half off until end of this month and their EVERYTHING is to die for!
We slurped up everything and even fought for more.
Hehee so old already but so greedy for sweets!

But it was one hell of fun.. and I enjoyed myself so much I blew $22 buying rubbish in Daiso.
Bought the worse tasting carrot juice so dun go Daiso n buy any drinks!
Just stick to rubbish like eyelashes or laundry bags for ur undergarments and u'll be just fine.

I'll reply tags tonight coz I have to go wash my car now!
Very dirty coz it rained this morning when I took it to work.

I hope Jungle Boy comes back soon n I hope he doesnt drive while on medication!
He can be quite stubborn sometimes.. Grr.

But I look at him and realise Im quite a lucky girl la.

Coz he can be bery sweet sometimes.

Last week while I was overseas, I came home and realised he bought a cute car tag with the words, "IM A PRINCESS THATS WHY."
N the words are in pink!

Very cuteeee hor.

And oh.. if u want to see the lashes I wore to the wedding, it looks like this!

They are from Shu Uemura and they feel amazing!
But seriously lor, not for the faint-hearted.

Bye loves.
Back laters.

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