Wendy & Simon's Wedding Night

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello everyone!
Im currently in Amsterdam now and my legs are aching from all the walking we did yesterday!
It was such an impromptu visit to the famous RED-LIGHT DISTRICT here in Holland and being a friday, - the streets were littered with people and it was a weekend here in Europe at its very best.

Thankfully I had such amazing people with me and we took our own sweet time to explore the place.
(I've been here before but its been few years so I'm re-doing touristy stuff)

We walked through the Flower market and some of them bought tulip seeds to plant back home.
We had a typical 'european' weekend lunch where we sat for nearly 3 hours dining and talking while people watching.
The weather has been nothing but great with the sun shining but generally the temperature here is cool.

And so we talked.
Sitting on the porch of the italian restaurant, we dined alfresco and talked about everything, - life, work and fun.

It was great fun.



Prelude to Simon and Wendy's wedding night.
It happened early this month but still feels like yesterday.

Sometimes I stop and think how surreal everything is.

Im getting older now and everyone around me are either engaged, married or having babies.
But wasnt it just a moment ago when I was sixteen and wondering what to do with my life?

Now suddenly we are getting married and buying houses and cars.
Arent these the people who were with me through my growing up years and didnt we played, laughed and cried together?

Whats next, I ofter wonder?

Being a mummy and someone's wife seems like such an adult thing to me.

But then again, like wat Napoleon had said, - "Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.”.

It feels so apt with regards to marriage and motherhood.
People procrastinate all the time, and Im no exception.

Jungle Boy has asked me to stop working many times but while I joke about quitting, - I dun really think I can do it.
I like being financially independent, and that includes buying my bags and shoes at my own whim and fancy.

How do u rely on a man when u are not even married to him?
Jungle Boy has so many friends whose girlfriends are able to do it, but while I applaud their courage to leave their jobs and take the plunge, Im really not that sort of person privately.
(Although frankly I know alot of people think otherwise of me. :/ )

Anyways, when an acquaintance asked me the other day when I was planning to get married, I was listing a whole bunch of excuses when she casually added, "Well, u can never be ready for marriage, trust me. You just have to do it."

And it got me thinking.

Hokies! Back to the pictures and BFF's wedding.
The delightful venue.

All the pretty jiemeis at the reception table.

We had acouple of hours after the morning gatecrashing session where we all went home and took a power nap before arriving for the dinner.
I got home so exhausted I couldnt even hold a conversation with Jungle Boy without nodding off.
So I got some shut-eye, did my makeup before heading to my neighbourhood hair salon to get my hair set.
Jungle Boy n me went for kopi at the hawker centre where I was met with stares coz my eyelash thick thick, makeup thick thick but I was wearing t-shirt and shorts!

So I nearly run to the salon with my head down, haha.
After many pins and ALOT of hairspray, I went home to fix my makeup alittle and got dressed.

The bride doing her makeup.

Before we know it, it was time to welcome the guests!

With the team of Monsoon people and mutual friend, Debra jie.

After the guests arrived, we got prepared for the very important march-in!
My dearest BFF wanted to include the brothers and jie-meis with the march-in, hence we had to literally grab a brother and walk in too!

It was hilarious and we were all giggling non-stop, much to the exasperation of the poor banquet manager.

The lovely bride and groom having a laugh too.

The highly anticipated march-in.

Then dinner commenced shortly.
Sitting down for dinner.

Below: Bride and groom sharing an intimate moment.

Jungle Boy took many pictures for us too!

The 2nd march-in after a quick change of dress and hairstyle for my BFF.
Champagne pouring begins... YUM SENG!

Sharing a laugh.

He oso yum seng!
Sooo cute leh he..!

Then the fun really begins!

The groom drinks.. and drinks.. and even had to stand on the chair to drink.. with Martell in a milk bottle...!
Wonder which poor baby they stole the milk bottle from.

After merry-making, the dinner ended as soon as it started coz we were having such a wonderful time.
Time flies when u are having fun!

At the end of the night.
Pictures with our best friend, the bride.

I wish my BFF all the happiness in the world and may she be enjoy her marriage in bliss and joy forever.

Besides her husband, we the BFFs love her just as much too.
And we hopefully wait eagerly for the pitter patter of little feet soon!

Before I become a mummy, I shall be GODMA first!
Hands-on training with BFF's kid before I and Jungle Boy accidentally kill our first-born maaa.

Wahahaha... dun let BFF see this, she sure smack me.

Okie-dokie sweets, I really got to go.
Spent a whole day here doing this up already, and its way after makan time.
(I is hungry...!)

Take care all.
God bless.


When you meet someone who can cook and do housework, - don't hesitate a minute. JUST MARRY HIM.
- Unknown

Tags to be replied soon!
Keep tagging, loves.

p.s Evil-lin, I hope u got my email already!

If u're wondering where Jungle Boy is during the wedding... he's the one taking all my pictures!
Kudos for making his girlfriend photogenic, I love that man.

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