I miss New York

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello everyone!
I know, I know.. I've been so busy juggling work, play and family its been pretty long since I came in.

And by the way.. did anyone realized that there is something wrong with my tagbox??
Aiyooo headache leh - so I went to change the whole bloody thing!
Now I regret not replying tags sooner.. Sorry sweets! :(

Tag again pls?
*flowers to all*

This is also a loooong overdue post!
I guess I miss my New York too much.. the sights, the shopping, the traffic (like real) and of coz, my dear friends half a world away.

When in 5th Ave..

But weirdly I really do like waking up to horns blaring and where people walked so fast, - you perpetually feel like you are in their way.

And like how there are only two kinds of mobile users there, the Iphone-ers and the Blackberry-ers.

I am the only ancient stone-age person in New York who owns a Nokia handphone.
But I applaud my individuality. (There.) Although I kinda do like those cutesy Paris Hilton pink diamate Blackberry-s.. kidding!

And despite being severely jet-lagged, I went for mussels and gelato with my favorite people in New York!
They tasted like a million bucks.

They are coming back in October!
Cant wait.

But I spent most time shopping coz it was sale season and I had a whole list of items to buy!
Lemmings momentarily fulfilled.

Baby birthday present.
Coach bag for girlfriend.

I came home with so many presents I almost caused Jungle Boy to fall backwards going up the stairs.

And then when I was back home I went for a facial.
My SKII experience.

I like their personal closet where I can safely put my stuff in, their makeup corner with SKII cosmetics free for all to use, and of coz.. their extremely comfortable bed!

But most of all, - their free parking at Scotts!
Very secluded, very private.

Facials are best done in hush-hush, coz its not the best time to see your frenemies when you are all red-nosed and pimply from all the deadly extractions.

But then again, I did go out right after my facial that day!
I met the girls.. :)

We had dinner at Sushi tei then coffee at TCC, Paragon.

Told ya this is a looooong overdue post.

We're meeting up again this weekend coz someone very special is coming back from Sydney!
It'll be another round of dinner, drinks and much-anticipated gossip from everyone.
Has it been so long, already?

Life has been great and I wish everyone happiness and do stay healthy!
God bless.


Some questions I got from emails and tags.

Q: Elaine! Where did u get the Nutrogena Clarifying shampoo?
A: Omg I so so embarrassed coz I didnt realise that it was been discontinued. I got it from a small heartland shop selling toiletries and it was some time ago so dun fret if u can get the exact same product! Most clarifying shampoos serve the same purpose and are for most hair types.

Q: Where is the cheapest place to get Chanel/LV/Miu Miu?
A: Most European countries are cheaper due to the use of Euro and also being a foreigner, U get to claim tax which saves u roughly another 12%.
But Paris is by far the cheapest for Chanel/LV, followed closely by Milan.
Im not very sure about London though, but the last time I went there Chanel was very expensive coz they regulated the pricings. Miu Miu was pretty cheap though and it was a huge disappointment for me coz I procrastinated getting display pieces!
But no love lost, I have plenty of bags I hardly use nowadays anyway.

Any more question, girls?
Do remember to leave a tag alright?

I am considering on whether to get another bag but there is nothing much on the market that interest me.

Now its yoga, swimming, cheap clothes (buy them online!) and having a smash with my friends in shorts.

I lurve dressing up (who doesnt!) but really, there is more to life than looking good.

I met someone sitting on a wheelchair today in the lift and as I held the door for him, - he turned and gave me such a huge smile with a loud 'thank you!'.
I seldom get nary an acknowledgement from the kids here, let alone other seemingly healthy fellow Singaporeans.

But this particular man struck me as someone so optimistic, so full of life.. despite his seemingly physical difference as the rest of us.

We are healthy human beings, totally perfect on the outside but we lament so much about our imperfect lives with our imperfect jobs and imperfect pay but do we really seem to be taking too much for granted?

I was idle chatting to someone and suddenly this stranger said, "Well.. someone is having a worse day, I betcha." and Eureka! It struck me in the head like someone who stumbled upon a pot of gold, yes - someone is having a worse day!

So why am I complaining so much about life when it has been so good to me?

And even on days when I feel like giving everything up..(Im human too and I get negative sometimes.) I now stop and think how silly I am and things start looking up from there.

Try it.
Dun sweat the small stuff anymore and u are well on ur way to a happier, healthier life.


On less serious stuff.. I love my ZA FOUNDATION!

A clever foundation for a clear, fresh, natural look

-Reflects light and smoothes imperfections for luminous, even skin.
-Absorbs oils for all-day freshness.
-Easy touch-up anytime, for a beautiful, natural look.
-Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays.
-SPF 20·PA++
-Helps protect skin from oxidation for healthy, energized skin.
-Special formula that won't clog pores.
-Comes with anti-bacterial sponge. (Asian Version)

I use no. 22 and it stays true even til I remove my makeup at night!
But the best part is the price...!!
Retailing at $24.90 in Watsons, its so affordable for everyone.

I've been using it since it first came out in the market but sometimes I change brands and now I've went back to it and wondered why I strayed in the first place.

Do try it!
U can even add afew drops of water to the sponge and it becomes a foundation.
But remember to cleanse throughly at night as two-way cakes tend to clog pores if makeup is not totally removed.

p.s This is not an advertisement.. heee.

And oh, I just finished watching Gem of Life! (aka Zhu Guang Bao Qi)
82 episodes.. no joke ok.
I watched and watched until Jungle Boy buey tahan me coz he woke up at 5am in the morning and I was still watching! But once u start, very hard to stop u noe?

But Im not interested in anyone else in the show except my favourite.. tadaaa!


I really like her alot!!
She's so cuteeee.. and I like her thick thick eyebrows. Very sexyyy u noe.
Im so sad that she is retiring, but all good things must come to end and I do hope she will find her happiness and live in marital bliss.

And then on the other end of the spectrum.. its a sad time for Hollywood as another legend had passed on.

Who can ever forget the scene from Ghost?
I know I cant.

Rest in peace, dear Patrick Swazye.
(Aug 18 1952-Sept 14 2009)

Off to eat chicken wings for supper coz I've been craving for it since like 4pm this afternoon.

Bye guys!
Kisses all round, sorry for this late post.

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